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Tag: Abortion Stand For Life

That’s what missing in the Planned Parenthood equation: Love. That life is precious, that man was made in God’s image and that God in His great love and mercy created us all. All of us. May we stand for life and do so in Love.

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Tag: Abortion the battle to expose corruption

The story – the battle – the man – taking on the “biggest organized crime syndicate in the country.” Phill Kline’s courageous battle to expose and take down Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood (an oxymoron if I ever heard one!)  is attempting to destroy this innocent man.  It’s attempting to do to this man what it does to millions of innocent children every year. Go to the site and read… Go to the site and listen to the February 15th webcast.  Honestly, if you’ve not been reading about the heinous practices of planned parenthood, you will be shocked. It’s worth the continue reading

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Tag: Abortion And then… the Truth will come

Today’s mess news:  Eyes on Wisconsin… then keep ’em open toward DC, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, California — and Idaho.   Just keep watching… this looks to be the groundswell of a massive eruption, an avalanche of chaos and destruction.   Omy, it’s just so incredible to be alive during this time in history. I frequently find myself  marveling:  the whole world’s gone mad.  It’s all around us —  just open today’s paper, click on whatever news media you favour or whatever social media you frequent. The words, the sounds, the grumbling…  like the rumbling of the land before a volcanic eruption.  The continue reading

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