And then… the Truth will come

Today’s mess news:  Eyes on Wisconsin… then keep ’em open toward DC, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, California — and Idaho.   Just keep watching… this looks to be the groundswell of a massive eruption, an avalanche of chaos and destruction.   Omy, it’s just so incredible to be alive during this time in history.

I frequently find myself  marveling:  the whole world’s gone mad.  It’s all around us —  just open today’s paper, click on whatever news media you favour or whatever social media you frequent. The words, the sounds, the grumbling…  like the rumbling of the land before a volcanic eruption.  The land is surely rumbling today… emotions are surely erupting.  And it’s getting louder…

Mobs telling lies and mobs of people believing them — these are creating societal knee jerk reactions at rapid-fire speed, with mob mentality reigning the day.   Consider the oldest enticement of man: “Yea, hath God said , Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?”  Rocking contentment with the oldest enticement: mockery.  And it’s continued in many forms from that day to this… appealing to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life.

And then… the Truth will come.

I think ignorance and greed are the most destructive of all societal movements and, surely, it’s ignorance and greed fueling the protests and demonstrations now gathering unparalleled speed in our country and in the world.

Today’s a prime example of information technology being a blessing and a curse.  I.T. instantly imparts information and then creates or fuels or fans the fire of discontent, ignorance, greed and rage — for it is all of these human emotions that instantly react to the call of the mob.  All of these emotions can be manipulated to propel the cause — whatever the cause is… Unions, Abortions,

It’s all about power — the bigger the mob, the greater the power.  And, as was seen through the campaign process in the last Presidential election — it really doesn’t matter an iota if the mob knows what the rally is really about – what the ramifications of the protest will be or what they will really lose in the process. The mob wants power and they feel as though their voice is being heard and, thus,  they’re gaining power.  The mob becomes ravenous and, like most mobs, becomes unreasonable — even irresponsible —  defending the cause — even if they don’t really know what it is.

And then… the Truth will come.

I pray as I write this that I am keeping/will keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, trusting in Him — His Word — the Truth.  And that you, whoever you are, reading this, will trust in the Lord will all your heart and lean not on your own understanding…  I pray we’ll all see beyond what we see and hear beyond what we hear that we will be found occupying until we see That Day appearing.

It’s just a matter of time… the Truth will come.

Even so, Come, Lord Jesus.

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