Quilt Designs

Country Cupboard Quilt Design Blocks:

  • The Churn Dash quilt block is a traditional design that hearkens back to days on the farm and the pleasure of some of the old domestic chores.
  • The Heart Can quilt block portrays freshly picked flowers in an old coffeepot. Picture it sitting on your windowsill.
  • The Apple Pie quilt block is so appetizing it actually looks like it would smell good. It’s perfect for a country- or kitchen-themed design.
  • The Rooster quilt block portrays a puffed up, proud rooster full of personality. He’ll add attitude to your design.
  • The Hourglass quilt block has a lovely, intricate design of triangles and squares that creates a sense of movement and depth.
  • The City Streets quilt block has an urban feeling with its intricate design of perpendicular, intersecting rectangles.
  • The Apple Cider quilt block has a simple, attractive design showing a big jug of cider next to a freshly picked apple.
  • The Teapot quilt block sings of kitchen coziness and warmth with its simple, traditional design.
  • The Watermelon quilt block looks good enough to eat, showing a slice of watermelon framed with an attractive border.

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