Super Simple Simplifying Checklist

A year ago I embarked on a journey to declutter our  home — I wrote about that in several posts, Intentional DeCluttering, Tidying: You’re Still You!, and a couple more, beginning with, Eliminating Clutter.  As I mentioned then, I hadn’t heard of Marie Kondo until after I’d begun the arduous project. My family “introduced” me to her program and teased me a bit about getting rid of everything that didn’t spark joy. The idea totally resonated with me and propelled me to keep working at it. And it still does in many ways.

In the decluttering process I had to change some of my self imposed rules from time to time — I had to “give myself permission” to not go through/sort/declutter some things.  I didn’t have or wasn’t ready to take the necessary time to sort through and organize our gazillion pictures (again!), for example.  Nor did I feel like going through bins of notes, letters, cards, mementos from travels, programs, etc.  I also didn’t want to go through our homeschool books/workbooks/materials. I’m sure one of these days I’ll just wake up and, out of the blue, decide to tackle one or all of these three areas!

So, for today I thought  I’d share a list with you that I have in the ongoing quest to simplify our home.  By the way, my simplicity is probably not at all what another woman’s simplicity looks like. Example: I have way, way, way more dishes, cups and glasses than most would think necessary. Same with pans, kitchen gadgets, small appliances, and clocks.  But the daily goals for a tidy home, clean counters, orderly shelves, no piles of laundry, sorted mail/papers, and several other things continue to be met.  Decluttering really and truly has made an enormous difference.  Feel free to copy, add to and personalize this list.

Give yourself permission to reduce or get rid of these things:

  • Chipped/broken or disliked  dishes, cups, mugs, glasses
  • Kitchen gadgets you NEVER use, don’t like
  • Old food {fridge!} {pantry!} {spices!} {coffees/teas!}
  • Frozen foods you cannot identify {old or freezer ‘burned’}
  • Under sink stuff (Order, consolidate, eliminate)
  • All plastic storage containers that don’t have lids. Lids.
    Refrain from buying various types of plastic. Choose one. Stick to it! Always.
  • Water bottles you do not use. Leaky ones will keep leaking!
  • bread bags/ties and bad paper plates/napkins you NEVER use
  • spent birthday candles (Any candles you really don’t like/use)

Closets / shelves / drawers

  • Clothes. Clothes you KNOW you’ll NEVER wear
  • Old shoes. You know you don’t even ever plan to wear them
    especially if they don’t really fit or are in terrible shape
  • Coats, Jackets, Scarves, Belts, Gloves, Hats you NEVER wear/use
  • Underthings you KNOW you’ll never wear or that don’t fit you
  • Socks, stockings, leggings, etc., you know you’ll never wear
  • All socks MISSING mates
  • Event t-shirts and/or tote bags with no sentimental meaning
  • Glasses (donate) sunglasses, jewelry, wallets, purses
  • Old luggage, bags, backpacks you NEVER use
  • Make-up and nail polish (esp. old!), toiletries you NEVER use
  • Old perfume
  • ALL *old* medication, creams, drugs, cough syrup etc.

Arts / Crafts / Sewing  {lists for another day!}

And remember… even “baby steps” taken to declutter, simplify, or add order to your home are steps taken!
There’s no score keeper, the steps you (and I) take to simplify or declutter our homes are just for us and our families. There’s freedom in order!
There’s freedom from bondage to meaningless or useless or no longer useful stuff!

I’m on to “round two” or year two of simplifying and decluttering…
Continuing to work on my Super Simple Simplifying Checklist.

3 thoughts on “Super Simple Simplifying Checklist

  1. Pamela, I am very impressed with your book tossing. It is good to get rid of Vision Forum stuff. I must admit, though, that I have have a tape or two from them which deal with the church.

    Congratulations on your work!

  2. I’m smiling as I write this… 🙂
    In last year’s deep clean/clutter removal, I gathered boxes and bags for my fairly quick “book browse & toss” day. I threw away some books/books by some authors and gave away quite a few that I wouldn’t be glad were on our shelves. Threw away most all Vision Forum books & CD’s, all DPhillips material. Threw away all IBLP/Bill Gothard, et al workbooks/books/tapes/CD’s! Threw away all books/magazines, etc. by rhymes with Hikel (or Hebbie) Hurl. Even though I sifted through and gleaned some value, there was enough controversial material that lack of discernment would stumble over.

    Gave away all children’s books that were just taking up tons of space (saved a basket of board books for babies) and kept a large collection of old GoldenBooks (no movie/”theme park” characters). I’m trying to simplify the stuff we have (keeping/adding only what can fit on our large bookshelves) and not start collecting things over again! I donated books that would be helpful for Bible study/missions/marriage/family.

    The next culling of books (and other things!) will just be to *offer* to our children/grandchildren to make life easier on them when the time comes for the clearing out of our home. And what they don’t want, we’ll either sell or donate. The timeless or very worthwhile homeschool books will be boxed up for the younger grands (3 older grands are finishing highschool).

    We don’t want to shrug and say, no worries, we won’t be here to see it anyway!

    Thanks for writing, Nancy! God bless you more!

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