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teacuppamelaIt seems to me that nothing spotlights the will or the flesh quite like discipline.  I’ve found (yet again) that I surely relate well to the Biblical passage regarding the willing spirit and weak flesh.  Though that passage doesn’t necessarily relate to undisciplined eating, it does relate to the flesh and its incredible weakness under temptation.

  quoteWatch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation:
the spirit indeed is willing,  but the flesh is weak.”
Matthew 26.41

As I sojourn on the THM path (Trim Healthy Mama), each day I find new things over which I seem to have no strength or no ability.  And then a day or two passes and I see the Lord has made a way for me to accomplish specific goals or to embrace this discipline. And another Truth comes to mind – again, understood that the Lord may truly be pruning and/or addressing a different matter here.  But I find great comfort in knowing He is with me, is for me, helps me, guides me, protects me, provides for  me:  as I look to Him – as I yield to Him.  He is providing me with strength and resources to press on toward the goal of better health and other benefits.

quoteThere hath no temptation taken you but such as is
common to man:  but God is faithful, who will not
suffer you to be  tempted above that ye are able;
but will with the temptation also make a way to escape,
that ye may be able to bear it.”
1Corinthians 10.13

Each day as I read and reread this book and other THM related articles and blogs (Gwen’s), I find new things I either do or should implement.   Interestingly, I discover that other women are struggling with the very similar things from time to time.  It may seem trivial, but one such struggle is the struggle to space meals and snacks in three hour intervals.  Now, I recognize that for many people, this is a snap – maybe even a natural way of life!  But for others –me– this is not so.   I, like most mamas, am in the kitchen for one reason or another most all day long – every day.  And it’s like I’m a food magnet – unintentional as I’ve been about food and aimlessly snacking through the day… until now.  Thus, the hidden blessing or hidden truth of the THM lifestyle: Intentional eating.

Maybe you’ve heard someone recite a vow and the wording includes: “…is it your intention to fulfill___?” Well, that’s the sort of what I consider when I think of the word intention and the THM eating plan.   When beginning this plan, there’s got to be a determination to be intentional about it.  It’s not a plan to be taken lightly or unadvisedly – by this I mean, it’s not going to be of any value if undertaken haphazardly.  In fact, I’m fairly certain, new as I am to the journey, that there could be some real negative health repercussions should the plan not be understood and practiced or undertaken as outlined.  I can see how one might experience exactly the opposite of health should the plan not be followed correctly or should it be carried out without discipline or intention.

Like many things in life, the THM plan is soooo easy!  It is so easy.  So easy.   But that’s the peculiar dilemma to things, isn’t it?  How could something so easy be so hard?   I see that (for me) it’s sheer determination, sheer discipline — the discipline of doing what I know I ought to do – not doing what I want to do. For sometimes, my ought’s and my wants are my greatest enemies (sort of the Romans 7 conundrum).  Through the years many times you’ve heard me say, Truly, good things are the enemy of best things.   And while there may be many good things to eat in my kitchen, I’m determining to stop and think: is this the best thing for me right now?  Do I really want to go backwards?  Am I content to give up or pass by some good things in order that I might have (or look forward to) better things?

All this to say that  spacing meals and snacks, snacks and meals into three hour intervals is a discipline I’m willing to work to achieve… knowing I’m doing this for better things.

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