Seasons of Life


Have you noticed that you tend to think of things or do things sort of by rote or without giving much thought to what you’re doing or thinking?  I’m doing this a lot lately… and I didn’t want to do this – be this – act this way.  I didn’t want to just make it through life – you know, bide my time and let the days pass by.   I always wanted my life to be something, mean something and not just be run of the mill or mediocre.  I remember as a little girl thinking that one day I’d be famous — that I’d do or make something great. 

But alas, that didn’t happen — the famous part, that is.  But you know, what did happen is that the Lord used me to be part of something great: He gave me the blessing of being called Sweetheart by one extraordinary man and Mama by eleven terrific children.  There are more blessings than I could ever count or recall and more incredible stories of God’s merciful kindness than I could ever relate.  But, I’d like to begin telling you about some of them in this, my autumn season of life.  As I share different things with you, I hope the Lord will use my stories as a sort of springboard for you to recall your own.  And, maybe in this way, you’ll see Him in ways you’ve not seen Him before or in ways you’ve forgotten.  The power of story is intense… I hope mine will be used to give Him glory and be of some encouragement to others.  That would be something greater than all the great things I used to think would be great things to be or do.

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