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I intended to add a few items to my foodie travels post… and inadvertently pressed ‘publish’ instead of ‘save to drafts.’ So, there it went… and so did a few days. :o)

I wanted to add a couple more sites and a tutorial for fresh pumpkin for this week’s pumpkin pies.  Since I’ve never made more than a couple of ‘tutorials’ — and those were not even video tutorials — I had to search for what I thought was closest to what I’d make.  So, here you go:

Then, I forgot a blog I visit occasionally and when I do, I suddenly realize (again) that it’s probably not good for me to know about more deliciousness; but then I find myself reasoning: what could be a problem  with Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies?  Where are these? Where are these? I can hear you asking. 🙂  Bakerella.  Of course.

And, finally, I do love to see Rose Beranbaum’s (and her guest’s) creations online — even though I much prefer and treasure her hardbound cookbooks… but that’s because of my love for books in general, I suppose.    Whatever you’re into making, whether it’s cakes, breads, pies, veggies, meats, simple meals or gourmet…  I think you’ll love browsing her site — it’s  totally worth it and her videos are very helpful as she’s such an encouraging instructor.  So, here you go: Real Baking with Rose.

O, and by the way: may you always be blessed.


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