a page of a letter

I’ve sure been thinking of the serendipity of finding the pages of that letter in the old desk — I shared about yesterday.  In addition to the great wisdom and blessing of the words of these two pages, the fact that they are only part of a longer letter is fascinating to me — fascinating and wonderful.  You know, another wonderful aspect to all this is that it sure blesses me and encourages me further regarding the integrity and depth of grandma’s character — that, and the quality of friends she had.

So, here’s a bit more from the letter.

…the saints are the tallest people on earth.  They have their feet on the ground but they have their heads in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus.  They have the touch of Eternity.”

Don’t settle into the words of a beautiful song of salvation and lost the music in your life, it’s the attraction to the Gospel.”

God does not think as we do about success and failure.  He measures it in the criteria of obedience, devotion, faithfulness and love.  He isn’t impresses by status, showmanship or parades of piety.  1 Cor. 3.6 St. Paul declared, “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the increase.  Too often our attention is drawn to the planting and watering. More important is the gracious, thirsty crops revived. [this is where I began the quoting of excerpts of this letter in the previous post.]

O, I pray something I leave behind will bring as much joy, blessing and encouragement as what I’ve found in these two pages of an old letter — I’m sort of glad there’s no indication of who wrote it or when it was written.

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