A Co-Incident

It just dawned on me that there are a bunch of co-incidents going on right now.  But it’s not surprising to me when I’m dealing with something and then I notice several other similar something’s come up around the same time.  You probably notice this is true in your life… when you’re going through something you hear about or see similar things all around.

I’ve been writing about CSA (childsexualabuse) for the last week or so.  I feel like I might owe readers an apology — not for writing what I’ve written, but for not giving a clear ‘warning’ regarding the sensitive topic.  ‘Guess there’s really no sweet way to warn about topic matters or the gravity of a topic or even the graphic nature of a matter.  So, if’ these postings have been offensive, please accept my heartfelt apology for offending some sensibilities.   CSA’s an offensive topic to read about.  It’s offensive to experience.

And what about a “Co-incident”?    I use this term to describe those incidents where the Vertical meets the horizontal — or, where the horizontal meets the Vertical. It’s when the Lord meets us where we’re at: A Co-incident.

A few months ago I received a letter “out of the blue” from a man who had stumbled upon my letter to my adoptive father.  In that letter,you understand if you’ve read it,  I candidly recounted some of the details of my experiences and the CSA with my ‘father.’  I had originally sent that letter (after many years and other letters/attempts to contact) in 2006 — and when it was returned refused, I decided to post the letter in its entirety online and send him a post-card with the imtellingonyou.org link and a note printed on the back… to let him know that I was telling…

Well it turns out that the man who contacted me had had some very unfavourable business dealings and experiences with LM,  my “father,” and minced no words, derogatorily describing his past dealings.  I was not at all surprised to read the descriptions of ruthless treatment — though, I was surprised to receive his letter – initially.  As we exchanged a few letters, it soon became apparent to me that this man had his own battles to face against LM and his vendetta against him was quite different than mine and that my experience was simply an opportunity to perhaps see him leveled.  Seeing my father get leveled was not/is not my intent.  I’m grateful this man wrote to me – if nothing else, if confirmed to me that “people know” what kind of man he is/was.  I’ve always wondered how an influential man or a man of his level of life couldn’t/didn’t have a slew of enemies and seems to carry on in relative ease.  Well, as with most things in life, things aren’t always as they appear.

So, then a few weeks laters I received that newspaper clipping with the article from the Orange County Register regarding the mother/daughter effort to encourage people to Tell! — to commit to reporting abuse or CSA.

And then, this week, I received the latest No Greater Joy magazine with information regarding the release of Debi Pearl’s book,
Sara Sue Learns to Yell and Tell

I’m honestly so thankful for all the Co-incidents — it’s no coincidence!!  I know there are times when the Lord opens doors for us to “share our story” with others.  We never know whose lives the Lord might touch and encourage with the sharing of our experiences.

Through the years,  the Lord’s given me many opportunities to listen to hearts of women as they tearfully share their CSA (or any other) experience.  I’m eternally grateful the Lord has chosen to use this very feeble vessel to carry His great good news and to encourage others in the way.  I’ve got so much to learn, but He’s shown me so much mercy and given me so much grace as He works in and through this, and many other, life experience.

These are no coincidence… they are Co-incidents.

One thought on “A Co-Incident

  1. Dear Pamela,
    I have been trying for a half hour to find a way to contact you, but no contact method could be found. I too suffered CSA, but that is not why I’m writing. I am happily married to my best friend of 40 years, and the mother of 14 children, three in heaven.
    I saw on your mosest clothing page you advertise for Vermony Country Store.
    I highly reccommend that you BOYCOTT this store as I do. I used to buy from them, but then several years ago the started selling sex toys for old ladies. I wrote to Lyman Orton several times, but he refuses to remove the vibraters he sell for “sexual enhancement”.
    This world is oversexed as it is, and you know it’s bad when the VT Country store sells Sex gadgets. I know my mother and my grandmother would roll over in their graves if they could see what Mr. Orton has succumed to in order to make a buck.
    I used to LOVE their catalog. But I had to plead with them to take me off their mailing list. I didn’t want my kids seeing this stuff in what used to be a “safe ” catalog for kids to see.
    Please encourage all your readers to Boycott Vt Country Store as I do, and tell everyone I know the same.
    May God bless you and your family,
    In Christ,
    Susan Smalley

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