for the woman in the mirror

Facing the woman in the mirror…  and getting her to do what she ought:  O,  what a challenge, sometimes!!  I know this.  I know this painfully well.

And so… I want to share with you some things you might do to help the woman in the mirror. Don’t “muddle” through life… there is help and there is hope.Your tomorrows do not have to be like your yesterdays.

I’ve sometimes thought, with dread, that things will never change.  I’ve sometimes thought, again with dread, that I will never change… that I will never get a handle on this or that struggle.Every now and then, when things seem to be going swell — it seems that all of a sudden, like a strong gust of wind or a wave:  personal failures flow over me — accusations level me, fear grips me, other people’s opinions blast me.  In such times, I’m once again faced with the strong, overwhelming thought: I will never get past this.   You know, God is not the author of such a thought – the devil is the author of such a thought!!  Experience has taught me that in such times,  I need to face the trial, attack, guilt, fear, etc., etc.,  and ask what part do I have in it? What does the LORD want me to do?  And then I must yield to whatever He leads.  No matter how daunting it may seem — or how humbling.

If you’re facing troubles, dilemmas, trials, hurts, hopelessness, fear or whatever…  You may need to make some dramatic changes.  You may need to set or reset some boundaries.  You may need to completely change how you’re currently handling things. —  your thoughts, your self-talk, your schedule, your computer time, your reading materials, your food, your exercise, your conversations, etc., etc.  You’ll probably need help implementing changes.

PRAY!! Talk with the LORD.  Talk with your husband, talk with  a trusted friend.  PRAY!!  Study the Word *and* journal your studies!  Study up on the problem you’re dealing with, get help — don’t go it alone — you need to be careful to not get in a trap of defeat, of hopelessness, of worthlessness, etc.  If people have let you down or if situations are troubling you or if you’re facing depression… talk these things over with your husband and/or trusted friend.  Trust the Lord with all these things.

If there are things in your life, patterns of living, etc., that don’t bring glory to God or honour to your husband and family — confess those things as sin and repent of those things .  Set your mind to CHANGE THOSE THINGS.  Get off that path a day at a time, a step at a time.

Make a list of things you need to do.  Add to that list the things you want to do.  Arrange that list into a daily routine.  Print that list out and follow it.  Everyday: consult the list in the morning, check off the things you accomplish and review what’s left to do; set about doing them at the first opportunity.  Determine to not be deterred from doing what you know the Lord has called you to do.  Others may do things differently, others may mock you, the enemy may mock you, others may question what you’re doing – you may even be or feel rejected… but if the Lord has called you to do something, do it heartily – as unto Him.

Do good things:  good things for your husband, good things for your family, good things for you.  Doing good will require sacrifice and will likely require repentance.  Doing good may be painful or  even lonely at first. Whatever the “good” is that you’re called to do, you can be assured  if the LORD has directed it, He *will* supply for you.

If the Lord is speaking to your heart today — touching on things that need to go or things that need to be done or changed — TODAY is the day to take your first step of obedience to the Lord and yield to His call on your life.  Today is the day of salvation.  Today is the day to start doing the things you know you ought to do.  Follow the Lord today.

Seek the LORD — seek wisdom.
You will find Him and you will find peace and joy.
Things might not seem to change right away.
Things might take time to set in order.
Your life will not always be the same as it is today;
There will be another chapter.

The Lord will work all these things together for good.
Trust in the Lord with all your heart;
Lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him and
He will make your path straight.

6 thoughts on “for the woman in the mirror

  1. Thank you for these words! The timing in coming across this post can only be through God’s hand!

  2. Dear Pamela,
    I am so happy to see you posting again~ Thank you once again for giving me something to really think on…digest..something I needed to hear. May the Lord bless you and yours in a mighty way.

  3. Thank you Pamela! The Lord used you to speak directly to my ned tonight!! I often let my thoughts lead to hopelessness or defeat, or that things will never change. Thank you! I am going to bed to read Proverbs now! Love, Melissa

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