There’s a whole bunch to say…

And I’m trying to consider how I’ll succinctly say each day what I’d like to share with you.  I began blogging some seven years ago and I like to write – I like to encourage and offer hope and inspiration to mothers at home.  I love talking about marriage, motherhood, homemaking, homekeeping and walking with the Lord.  I love to share slices of life and views of the day.  I tend to get wordy at times.  I tend to have strong opinions, etc., etc.  If you’re offended by all this, please find other great blogs to read — there are too many great blogs out there for you waste your time here reading things that might perturb you.

So anyway,  much time was spent writing and reviewing sites, gathering and posting articles, recommending sites and products.  Good things… so many good things.  But somewhere along the way I lost my way – I lost my personal vision and huge responsibility first as the mother of many children and I began to coast — but I didn’t even realize it.  I didn’t realize I’d wandered a bit from my first calling: my husband, our home, my walk, leading our children by allowing my time and attention to be gobbled up by computer, website and internet time… trivial pursuits by comparison to the very real responsibilities of my life.  You know what I mean perhaps – for perhaps you’ve had your own!!

Pursuing good things is truly the enemy of pursuing best things.

Good things are not always the best things.

Doing good does not necessarily mean you’re doing well.
Or right.

We had a great family sorrow — a sudden and sad crisis, if you will, which led to deep introspection, endless conversations and much personal evaluation (and reevaluation), personal examination (and reexamination).  In the end, one of the things I knew I had to do was to hand over my computer to my husband for a time so that I could get my priorities straight — so that I could reorganize my life, my priorities and revisit / rekindle the purposes for which the Lord created me.

So,  here I am today… so wishing I could tell you all I’ve come to understand in the last several months, the culmination of all the sweet hours in the Word, in writing and in fellowship with the LORD — the things I’ve learned, the things I regret, the sorrow, the joy, the pain, the rejoicing.   And for one thing, more than ever, I realize why, 11 years ago, we chose a web name: welcome home.

If you’re just joining me and know nothing of what I’m talking about or even if you’ve been a reader for some time, I pray to be an encouragement to you, to not waste your time, but to point you to the Saviour.  In the course of my writing, I hope you’ll see Jesus in spite of this cracked pot.  I hope you’ll see glimpses of His hand in daily living.  Whether or not  you’re a new reader of my blog or A Christian Home website, I just want to say: welcome home.

4 thoughts on “There’s a whole bunch to say…

  1. Pam,
    I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 years now. Wow! Time flys. I have missed your voice. The Lord used you to deepen my commitment to my home and family years ago when my oldest was just a year old. I understand the need to step back and that is why I don’t always comment, participate or blog a whole bunch. I thank you for your honesty and pray that the Lord helps you to maintain balance. It can be so hard when we feel like the “good” things seem so worth our time.

    Blessings and peace from God on high,

  2. Pam,
    I’t’s nice to have you back online. I am glad you take your calling as a wife and mom so seriously and were willing to put this on hold to focus on your priorities. It’s hard to give up things we enjoy and God has blessed us with ability to do well but it is so worth it. Thank you for all the information and encouragement on your website and in this blog. You have challenged me so much over the years.



  3. I’ve been encouraged by your blog and have benefited from the links posted on your site as well. Not sure what you’ve been facing, but glad the Lord is your comforter and strength.

  4. Welcome back!
    I enjoy reading your blog and the many articles on the site.
    God Bless 🙂

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