hey, so, it’s me…

No, I didn’t move to another country and, no, I didn’t lapse into a coma or drug abuse or anything like that… I just haven’t been blogging. And I probably won’t start back at it just yet, either.

It’s a long story.
But not interesting enough to blog about.

Suffice it to say that I’ve just had a sorta difficult autumn time and it’s been pretty much an uphill climb to stay on track… you know, the kind of track your thoughts travel on. Something I’ve never been really very good at is handling discouragement — or hiding it, either — yeah, I know… I tend to be pretty good at encouraging others in trials…

But, somehow that doesn’t always translate into a personal reality. I mean, I can really see great good in others. I can really see beautiful qualities, abilities and potentialities in others. And, generally speaking, I can empathize with others and am quick to see and offer Scriptural solutions or spiritual encouragement when others face trials, disappointments, discouragement or depression.

I hope I’ll see the brightness of the new season as sort of a signal to turn the corner and embrace the new year. I’ve been praying to this end… and I’ve been praying to have a new and keen sense of purpose and worth in and for the Lord.

To this end, today I began to do the things I know lead to more right things — more bright things. Tis, after all, the season to be jolly, isn’t it? And I have just returned from a very brief, but very wonderful few days away with my husband… so one would think there’s no reason whatsoever for continuing to feel a little blue. I know this sort of thing happens before a great change or a new adventure is embarked upon. And I do know that the Lord is prompting me and prodding me in several areas.

Still, the twinge of uncertainty and mild anxiousness continues. Maybe you’ve experienced seasons like this — I know I have in the past (and perhaps that’s why I’m not all the alarmed at the depth and length of this one) and am always amazed at the gracious Hand of the Lord in these times. His tender mercies are new every morning and, surely, Great is His faithfulness.

And so, coming to the longest or shortest (depending on how you look at it) day of the year, there’s great inspiration and anticipation for brighter days ahead.


4 thoughts on “hey, so, it’s me…

  1. I have missed you so much since you stopped posting. I do understand why you would take a break. I can rarely keep up with personal correspondence these days and honestly, I have stopped worrying about it. I used to stress about how others see me but right now I realize that if I believe that God is happy with me then everyone else can be too.

    Take a break, drink some Latte’s, and stay in the Word. I truly believe God is doing some amazing things to His children. I struggled hard this year with my ups and downs but this past few weeks I have been digging into the Word and rebuking the horrible thoughts I was having. God is helping me. I will pray He helps you too.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Ouida Gabriel

  2. Pamela,
    I have been wondering how you are~ So glad that you were able to post and let us know….I can understand completely. Please know that I will be praying. You have been such an encouragement to me over the many years I have been reading. This has been such a trying time for many of us…lost jobs, illness, and just the blues that seem to last and last…I know that our family has been all these this past year! Please know that when you find your way back you have many friends online who will welcome you.

  3. Oh my dear, I know exactly how you are feeling. I feel much the same way. I can point out all the wonderful scriptures and give good advice. I am also such an encourager…except when it has to do with encouraging me! I am my own worst enemy sometimes.
    I do certainly miss your blogging. I especially love it when you encourage us with every day things, children, cooking, homemaking, marriage, etc.
    If you need to give it a break, by all means, do so! Just know that there are soooo many of us who wait for your return. (Your blog is one that I look at every day, you know, just in case you want to share something with us!)
    I have told you so many times with my comments left that you have encouraged me so much. My husband and I are trying hard to blend a family…we have been married 2 1/2 years and it is so difficult. You have helped me considerably! Thanks. Just know that you are being used of God.
    It is ok, you know, to rest. Lots of people in the Bible rested. (I’d name some of them but I’m sure you know them better than I do!)
    Have a lovely Christmas,
    God bless you and your family!

  4. Pamela,
    I understand all too well your “blue” season. Firmly still in the midst of one and muddling through with the Lord’s help, I just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. You have been an inspiration to me. You personally helped me a few years back when I wrote to you with a problem. You have great wisdom and insight, and you have shared yourself unselfishly with countless women, and for that I thank you sincerely. Take your time and know that prayers are being said for you and your family. I patiently await your return!


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