The Family Meal Table

teacuppamela.pngOne of our greatest treasures and lasting blessings is our meal table.  It’s a real challenge to maintain mealtimes when the family begins to grow and scatter in different directions each day.  But we endeavor to have at least one meal, if not all of them, together each day.  It’s difficult to persevere with this one sometimes — especially when it’s easier to just “grab ‘n go” when schedules are hectic or when schedules are so different for older family members.    Still, I desire to hold fast to this treasure — this family tradition — this mainstay:  the family meal table.

One of my favourite encouragers is Nancy Campbell.  Her seeming tireless work on behalf of mothers and families is such a blessing to me.  I love to listen to her, to learn from her, to be inspired, encouraged and uplifted as she shares valuable truths and lessons on motherhood.  I so wish I had had her manuals when I began motherhood thirty years ago.  I so needed encouragement as I was sort of “pioneering” my way through early motherhood.

Here’s a glimpse of Nancy Campbell.  Through the years, I’ve included articles and links to articles on our site.  You can also read more at the Above Rubies site.


One thought on “The Family Meal Table

  1. Thanks Pam, Katherine said you used above rubies curriculum for character training and homemaking ect. but I have been trying to figure out which books she was talking about.

    Can you post a list of resources you used in establishing your home and family traditions sometime please?

    I love the Hope Chest and the Meal Table concepts.



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