This is life…

At its very best.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the value of a life, the influence of a life, the consequence of a life, the purpose of a life, and the final testimony of a life.  As I have been studying for a Titus2 meeting I’ve been mulling over this month’s topic (from 2 Peter and the list of character qualities) and this month’s topic is charity.  We know from 1 Corinthians 13 that without this — without charity, we are nothing.

So one of the questions that continues to be before me is this:  what is my motivation for ________?  (filling that space with whatever’s before me. I ask myself this question — and want to be more and more mindful of this question when I do this or that thing, think this or that thought, say this or that word — share this or that story.   What is the motivation for doing this activity?  Am I motivated by love or is it some other motivation?  Is my action, word, thought, etc., motivated by love or selfish ambition?  Love or personal gain?  Love or retaliation?  Love or fear?  Love or manipulation?  Love or deceit?

When I stop and ask myself this question or these questions, I am challenged to do what’s right… challenged to be honourable.  When love is the motivation for doing, saying or thinking a particular thing, then I/we desire to do it, say it, think it as the Lord Jesus would have us to do it, say it, think it.  This sort of bearing, believing, hoping all things sort of love is a strong motivator to be — and seek to become more — gracious.

So then, I have come to this conclusion:
This is life at its very best:
Graciously doing, at any given moment, what needs to be done..

From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary: GRA’CIOUS, a. [L. gratiosus.]

1. Favorable; kind; friendly; as,the envoy met with a gracious reception.
2. Favorable; kind; benevolent; merciful; disposed to forgive offenses and impart unmerited blessings.

quotebegin.gifThou are a God ready to pardon, gracious and merciful.
Nehemiah 9
3. Favorable; expressing kindness and favor.

quotebegin.gifAll bore him witness, and wondered at the gracious words which proceeded from his mouth.
Luke 4
4. Proceeding from divine grace; as a person in a gracious state.
5. Acceptable; favored.
6. Renewed or implanted by grace; as gracious affections.
7. Virtuous; good.
8. Excellent; graceful; becoming.


3 thoughts on “This is life…

  1. “Graciously doing, at any given moment, what needs to be done..” Yes! Something that has wonderfully blessed my family. I am currently hoping to H’school again. And have really needed to reflect on my motivation. Asking myself this question will be key in so many decisions. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Your exhortation reminds me of Elisabeth Elliot’s teaching on The Gift of the Present Moment. Psalm 16:5 has become one of my favorite verses!

    Miss you and hope you and your hubbins are well!

  3. This is beautiful. I have been reminding myself that I am to do all things as unto Christ. I forget a lot of the time. When you get caught up trying to teach, clean, cook, do laundry, give each child attention and showing of love, give husband the attention he deserves, have time for learning for yourself, staying in contact with others and Oh, spending time with Jesus Christ, well it all spreads thing and I get so tired.

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