Another homeschooling year

So, yes… another homeschooling year has begun.  We’ve already had the usual variety of commitments — planned and unplanned, absences and extra-curricular activities: some sick, some tardy, some cutting class (uh, that would be two of the teachers :-O ), etc., etc.

  • Three days into the new school year:  We’ve already had to revise our expectations — both raising and lowering them regarding courses of study and assignments for different students.  We’ve had to do this many times through 22 years of homeschooling.  We seem to forget this every year!
  • Three days into the new school year:  We’ve discovered we have too many of some and too few of other materials we need for each days’ work for each student.  Again… this is a repeat of the previous 22 years.  Someday we will “get it!”
  • Three days into the new school year:  The teachers have forgotten, missed, or been late to the kitchen table class.  Ditto, the students.
  • Three days into the new school year: For what can be accomplished in any given amount of time, we’ve had to revise our expectations.  Up and down.
  • Three days into the new school year:  We’re saying:  we are off to a great start! This is going to be a wonderful school year: we can just tell!!

5 thoughts on “Another homeschooling year

  1. I have a dream that one day we can all sit down at the table and actually do a full days worth of lessons. In this house if it is not one thing it is another. If only I could count trips to WalMart as school!

    Goodbye Mrs. Spurling, it has been good “talking” with you!

  2. Oh my goodness, Pamela, I have just read something on your site that is so funny that I am laughing out loud. It is midnight, I can not sleep, and I am afraid that I will wake dear hubby and the children.
    “Lamentations of the Father” is just the funniest thing I have seen in a long long time! At least, when I finally feel like I can sleep, I will still be smiling! It is Christian humor at it’s best!

  3. I agree…I’m glad I’m not the only one, too! My 12 year old is on day 24…however, my 16 year old who has been sick off and on since school “started” is only on day 15. We have both had two different episodes of the flu…taking us down for over a week each! It wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t on the distance learning school’s schedule!! I’m not sure how to make up sick days! Maybe next year we will rethink our schooling strategy!
    Have a lovely day!

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