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One Summer Morning

teacuppamela.png I’m so thankful for such beauty, such amazing love the Lord has lavished on us. These are a few of my favourite things…

Good morning, sweet, fragrant roses fresh from the garden…

Good morning, pansies…

Good morning… waiting for the kettle to boil; time for princess grey tea with milk and honey…

Good morning, sweet hydrangeas…

Good morning, little rose buds and fresh eggs…

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4 comments to One Summer Morning

  • Mrs. Damian Garcia

    Hah! It says 10:49 on July 20th! It is actually 1:50AM on July 21st. I’m in Amarillo.

  • Mrs. Damian Garcia

    It is storming here right now. I can’t sleep. Been praying a lot tonight. Trying not to worry about America, my family and my friends. Then I came to visit and saw the beautiful flowers. What a wonderful treat to my spirit.

    In Christian love,
    Mrs. Damian Garcia

  • Dear Pamela,
    Sometimes I love to read about just your regular day. It lifts me up. I know we all need to know about what is going on in the world…and sometimes your blog is where I find out about it…but sometimes I just need to have some lovely “fluff” to just give my heart a little uplift. Your website is important to me…in fact, I made the little canister jar bonnets like you have and every time I look at them, it makes me happy and I think of you!
    I was driving down the road the other day and the picture of your little girl jumping from one round hay bale to the next came to mind and made me smile.
    So…don’t ever feel like you are writing about things that don’t matter. It matters to us and lifts us up!
    Love to you…

  • Beautiful! Looks like a little slice of heaven.

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