So, it’s been a month!

teacuppamela.png Hmmmmmmmm.  So, all that happened.

It looks like a month has passed since I last made a blog entry.  I’ve thought about blogging stuff… actually, I’ve thought about it a lot. But I’ve been thinking I ought to steer clear of controversial stuff — and wow! has there ever been some controversial stuff going on!  But then I’ve thought that if I steer clear of commenting on controversial stuff, well, maybe there’s not a whole lot else to write about — no, wait, there is nothing that’s not controversial to someone.  Then, if I write about mundane things, well, what’s the point in that?  If I’ve just lived something pretty mundane, I’m sure not inclined to write about it — though mundane is pretty subjective, isn’t it?  My mundane just might be your idea of a thrill and your mundane just might be something I’d savour.  Well, so anyway… I haven’t been writing for many reasons.

It’s been s-u-n-n-y and I’ve been working outside.
I’ve been smelling the roses.
We’ve been enjoying our son, Timothy, home on furlough —  a two month visit from Ghana… The visit is more than half over.
We’ve been celebrating birthdays, milestones and children’s scholastic achievements.

I don’t often write about all the stuff that’s going on anyway — for many reasons — but one of the main reasons is that I don’t want to sound like I am always repeating myself to family & friends who read this blog.  I start in on a marvelous story and they glaze over and drift off to sleep… sorry, read it already in your blog — spare us the details. A second time.  I don’t write about other stuff that’s going on bcz mu family appreciates demands needs some semblance of anonymity.

So, maybe tomorrow I decompress here what’s been going on over the last month or so. Pictures and stories and such.  If nothing else, it’ll be nostalgic to me someday — that, and my family and friends already lived it so they can just smile with me over what the Lord has done.

In the meantime… some light reading.  I mean, Light reading… go here.

O, and you thought I was going to write about MJ.  Or unemployment.  Or global cooling warming. Or the eligibility of the President.  Or cap ‘n trade.  Or the gvmnt run media.  Or this. Or this!.

2 thoughts on “So, it’s been a month!

  1. Oh I have missed you so much! I knew I was going to take a break from the internet and hoped you would start posting soon. You wrote a note just in time. I will miss all the interesting things you have to say. You make me think about a lot of issues you know!

    I have begun to just keep my mouth shut about a lot of things. I realize at this point I just need to pray. My spirit feels heavy and honestly, I get scared at what is coming in the next few months and years. I have been waking in the middle of the night, praying and then going back to sleep. If you knew how much I loved my sleep then you would understand the significance of this. God is going to do a mighty thing. I only hope I don’t faint from fear. Please keep us in your prayers. I will keep yours in ours as well.

    Mrs. Damian Garcia

  2. Oh Pamela,
    THe things you DIDN’T say…whew…I heard about Rick Warren…very interesting…
    How is your boy? I hope he is feeling better!
    Missed hearing from you in your blog, but we all have to put first things first!!!!

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