Every day’s a celebration

teacuppamela.pngI’m seeking to carry on this birthday celebration for as long as I can.  Why, I just might even name this blog: The Birthday Celebration Blog!  But I doubt it.  I mean, I think after a while, it would be rather boring to read about someone dancing day after day bcz she loves that she turned *50* — an age she never thought she’d be — and lives to write about it — or writes to live about it.

Some of the sweet things that Spring brings each year — I know, besides my birthday — are other’s birthdays.  And this year I have had the great privilege of sharing my birthday celebration with my dear mother-in-law.  What a gift she is and has been to me all these many years!  So, it was with great joy and anticipation that we celebrated our birthdays on Friday night.  It was all perfect… Skyping with Timothy was so fun!  So fun to have all the family be able to talk with him!  I was sure missing some of our boys who weren’t home for the party.  Those are the kinds of quiet heart aches that seem to be tenderly present — just below the surface — during an event as special as this was.

Kathryn, Hannah and Tara prepared the most delectable meal for the celebration!  I cannot believe all attention to detail and all they did to make the evening so special!  Coconut prawns… now, those were just an appetizer! Then we had delicious punch, breads, salad, rib-roast, oven roasted potatoes and fruit.  And then… a huge birthday cake along with ice cream and a luscious Lemon Trifle that Kathryn made.


We all sure had a marvelous evening — many laughs, stories, fun things… eating dinner and talking together!
It really was a wonderful and memorable time!



and then cards and presents!  What fun!!


3 thoughts on “Every day’s a celebration

  1. Correction: “Here’s an old John McCutcheon favorite for you…”

    Sorry about that.

  2. Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday, Dear Pamela,
    May Jesus Bless You!
    (as we used to sing in Sunday School days past)

    and here’s an John McCutcheon favorite: for you:

    O, it’s your birthday—we wish you many more,
    health and wealth, and friends by the score!
    Cut the cake and we’ll eat some more!
    Happy Birthday to YOU!

  3. Hi,
    I was just searching the web for christian family blogs and found your site – providence? Anyhow, I bookmarked it and look forward to perusing the treasures you’ve posted here!
    My wife & I are homeschooling parents of 8 (4g+4b) and our passion is to keep a godly home and that our family would shine for Christ in our community.
    Howell, MI

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