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30 Favourite Things #1

teacuppamela.pngHelloooooooooooooo there… I’ve been missing this place.  Or, rather, I’ve been missing from this place.  I have been racking my brain as to what to do to jump back into the blog pool… it’s sort of like exercising… I love it when I am exercising, but I do not like to ‘have to’ exercise — blogging’s like that sometimes — and like exercise (or any other somewhat beneficial thing, I love it.  I don’t love it.  I miss it. I don’t miss it.  If you’re a blogger, you totally know what I am talking about.

So, here I am… and for the next 30 days I will be posting “thirty favourite things” from the last year… things that were big or important to me that I never really wrote about — some of the “life changing” or “significantly impacting things” from my 50th year.

I know, I know… I am going to be pretty much obnoxious concerning my fiftieth year.  I have started a Bucket List…
I’m glad I have been able to do some things on my “bucket list.”  The things I am going to share in the next thirty days aren’t necessarily “bucket list category” type things.

(Yes. I did see the movie.  Yes… I don’t recommend it to everyone.  Or anyone, really.  But I did see it.  And I’m pretty glad I did.  But I am not recommending it.)

So, here’s one of the most recent things I was so glad I did during my fiftieth year — I was most honoured and privileged to make the wedding cake for two people I love — two families I love.  Nathan and Larissa were married on Saturday, February 21st.  And here is their cake:

wedding cake

wedding cake

Each tier was 2 layers… the cake was almond/butter/buttermilk and the filling was raspberry for some of the cake layers and ganache/bavarian for others.   My husband blessed me by helping frost the layers… (the troweling of pools and decks has the side benefit of expertise in troweling frosting cakes.  :o)  And I was most blessed to have my friend, Rhonda, help me as well.  (She even brought the Starbucks coffees — And, No.,  I did not get cup #280.)

All the “pearls” and strings were piped on and the roses and the little Groom and Bride were made from Fondant.  I prepared those a couple of days before the wedding.  The frosting was Buttercream.   The cakes were set on a base of glass blocks which were lighted underneath.  Isn’t that so cool?!?!?   There was a 16″ – 14″ – 12″ – 10″ – 8″ and 6″ top cake and 3 – 14″ side cakes that looked just like these except that I didn’t (for obvious reasons) have them as part of the cake.   Can you imagine?!?!   I had prepared enough cake for nearly 600 people… and there were over 500 at the wedding.  However, that number included babies and children of all ages.    It was a beautiful day – inside and out.  It was a beautiful covenent wedding — Happy Happy Happy day.  Praise the Lord — He is only good.

Loved it.  Can you tell?

#2 tomorrow.


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  • Pamela,
    good to have you back~ What an absolutely beautiful cake! It looks like something that would be seen on the food network….Stunning! Can’t wait to hear all the rest of your things!

  • jill

    That cake not only looked gorgeous, it tasted divine! I think pics of it should be in “Weddings” or “Brides” magazine. I had a piece w/ the thick chocolate layer in it, tasted like liquid fudge. I savored every bite. Pamela, thank you for making it! It was excellent! Glad you are back to blogging~

  • What an amazingly beautiful cake!!!! I am sure they were SO happy! 500 PEOPLE…that is a LOT of people…
    I am glad you are back in blog land….I’ve missed you!
    So, I guess I did not see the movie, because I am clueless…what is a bucket list? I could tell you all about the salt and pepper though!!!! 😉


  • What a beautiful cake. It makes me want to get married again just so I could ask you to make me a cake 🙂

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