Homemade Laundry Soap – easy – still!!

ingredients for homemade laundry soap

I’m using the ingredients (above) + water to make “homemade” laundry soap – and after several months of doing so, I’m still pretty satisfied with the results.   I’d still use Tide if it showed up on my doorstep and I’d still use Downey if someone forced me to.  ~wink~  But for the first time in my marriage, I’m more concerned with saving money than I am with the most *perfect* looking clothes.  Our clothes are clean enough for me… and I’m sort of choosey.

So… for the soap, one more time:

I grate the Dr. Bronner’s Lavender pure castile soap and warm it up in a small pot of water on the stove. Then I put 2 cups of Borax and 2 Cups of Washing Soda in the 5-gallon pail  (I use this pail bcz it has a sturdy handle and a gamma seal lid that’s *easy* for me to spin off).  I fill the pail with hot water (about half way) and whisk like crazy until the Borax and Soda granules are all completely dissolved.  Then I stir in the liquefied lavender soap.  And I blend this for several minutes more.  Then I add more hot water – nearly to the top of the bucket.

After I blend thoroughly again, I let this set for a day or so.  Then I transfer the thick laundry soap to a gallon pail that I keep in the cabinet above my washing machine.   It’s really easy and really inexpensive.

I use the gamma seal lid on all our pails… a bought a few a month for a year and have those spin-on / spin-off lids for all our pails.  Everything stays fresh and tight this way!


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  1. I really liked the soap made with the washing soda, the borax and the grated bar of soap. I did get a tip to not use coloured soaps — and I don’t use the Fels Naptha — bcz I think it smells (pardon me here) barfy. I never say that word, but it’s really what the clothes seem to smell like after they’re washed.

    I have always used Tide or Arm&Hammer or Surf powdered or liquid soaps before this.
    I still use bleach or OxyClean on white clothes — but that’s bcz I have boys who get dirty — I mean, muddy-dirt-dirty nearly every day.

    I think this soap is pretty effective. Make sure the powdered ingredients are *fully* dissolved and that the melted grated bar soap is fully integrated into the liquid.

    God bless you. ——–pamela

  2. What kind of detergents did you use before? I use mostly woolite (so expensive!), so I’m wondering about the comparison between the two. I wash most of my dry clean only clothes to save money. How will it affect them? Thanks!

  3. Mrs. King – :o) – Yes, I do use vinegar in the rinse and some essential oil, too. It seems to take care of softening *and* static if I/we don’t *over* dry the clothes. O, I don’t have an expert opinion — but I sure know a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work so well. And you know these things are being done for necessity and conscience sake – well, maybe necessity… I’d still rather be dining out more, washing with Tide/Clorox2/Downey and drinking grande-extrahot-mocha’s with whip (every day).

    Melody — I have heard that, too. Thank you for the reminder! I will try them some time!! blessings!

    Rebecca — We haven’t had any trouble or adverse results from the soap when washing our delicate clothes/under garments. And… I’m thinking the colours/darks haven’t been fading any more than with any other soap/detergent over the years. But… no fear… I hope you will not have any troubles at all. We haven’t been disappointed… but you know, I do still love my laundry products with dyes, perfumes, and whateverelse they add to make me want to buy and use more!! ~wink~

    thank you all… love, pamela ♥

  4. I bought the soap and am ready to go, but I was wondering about wear on delicates and fading of dark laundry. I use Woolite for most of my dark clothes, but that stuff is expensive. Can this only substitute for Tide and other similar detergents, or can I use it for everything with no fear? Thanks!

  5. So, what do you use in place of Downey? Vinegar in the rinse with maybe some essential oil? Or something in the dryer? I can see how that would work for softness, but what about static? I’m sure you’ve thought through and tried out several things and have an *expert* opinion. ♥

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