What’s on your schedule for this week…

teacuppamela.pngI have a sweet friend who routinely asks me: What’s on your schedule for this week?  and I usually proceed to tell her something like: Hmmm… just the usual;  housekeeping, gardening, baking and schooling… and then I may tell of the significant event of the week or whatever.  And, that’s pretty much how weeks go.  The dailies and some event or another — always keeping in mind the time-tested reality that the week will never go how I thought it would — that I will look back and marvel that the days each seemed long but the week just flew by.

That’s pretty much how life’s gone over the years and now, instead of saying the days were long but the weeks flew by, I say: the weeks are long but the months just fly on by.  Every week seems to have sort of a character of its own and this week looks to be no different.  Here’s this morning’s snapshot of what our week might look like:

flood graph 11-10-08

This is a static chart… updates every 6 hours or so… here.

So, yeah… I’m ironing today… gardening… thinking of painting a room and I’m laughing.  A lot.


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  1. Well, if the flood two years ago is any indicator, it looks like you’ll be okay. Hopefully there’s no “flood in the house” scheduled this week for you now. We keep watching and praying. Love you!!

  2. yep, it’s the 100% “chance” of rain and the mid-50’s weather and the moon phase and the run-off and the widening of highway 9 and O…………… that’s all.

    I love you!

  3. WOW, OHWOW! I guess you’re expecting rain, or else the runoff from the mountains. We’ll be praying for your safety and for you to stay dry.

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