life’s monuments

I woke up this morning with the sun beginning to paint the sky and I thought back to yesterday morning…

My first thought was: I did it!  I did something I had been wanting to do – something I had planned to do ten years ago – but ten years ago I had a new baby, I had a new daughter in law and lots of other things going on.  But I still had this goal – this “thing to do!” in my life.  Now, for many, this wasn’t that momentous a goal – it wasn’t something of a ‘big deal’ to them and, over the years, some have laughed when I shared this goal of mine.  I don’t know if it was bcz they saw me a I am now? Or as they think I am now or what?  I don’t know.  They didn’t know me when I was younger… didn’t know I loved to tap dance, I loved trampoline and tennis and swimming, I was cheerleader, I taught preschool, I was a cook… and on and on.  So, lots of my life in the last thirty years has been defined, in large measure, by what I used to be.

It’s that way now. Now, I sit with women who are pregnant or have new babies and I join in their conversations…and their sentences begin, and are punctuated with, “I am…”  — but mine begin and are punctuated with, “I used to…”

I used to do a lot of things and so, I guess that’s why I have been taking a hard look at my “bucket list” over the last few years.  Instead of a new list — a list of stuff I hope to accomplish before I die, I’ve sort of been considering all the stuff I’ve done and then have been thinking: well, okay… so all that happened; what do I want to be sure and do, see or say in my lifetime.  Well, one of those things was this goal… this goal to climb Mt. Pilchuck.  I know I’m not talking about a big deal for many – but for me it was a big deal – a big deal bcz I didn’t even know what it actually entailed, it just looked hard.  I look out my livingroom window and see this mountain – and from here, seeing that  5324′ peak has been such an amazing site – and I have often thought: I’m going to climb up there.

Well… I did it!  And now, as I look out this morning, I see that peak and say: Thank you, Lord, I did it!

pamela at the mt. pilchuck summit

look ma, no hands!!


pamela at the mt. pilchuck summit

from the look out tower at the summit  –  5324′ :o)

wes and pamela at the mt. pilchuck summit 92608

 on our way back down the mountain

Here’s a photo of Mt. Pilchuck from a distance.



0 thoughts on “life’s monuments

  1. Pamela,
    Wow! Congratulations on fulfilling your dream….and that Wes was with you and that you all did it together…That must be the icing on the cake! Beautiful pictures.

  2. Pam,
    Way to go, Pam! I’ve been wondering if you had done your Pilchuck climb. We should go on a hike together.

  3. Ok, I really, really want to say ARE YOU CRAZY????

    You are much braver than I. I would have been the lone soul in the little box taking the picture. I will keep my feet on the ground thank you very much!

    But! Congrats! You are one strong woman!

    Mrs. Damian (Ouida) Garcia

  4. Pamela,
    Congratulations!!! How awesome to be able to fulfull a dream, no matter how silly it may seem to others. What is your next dream you want to fulfill?

    PS I love the photo of you and Wes.


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