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Volume 8   –   Issue 1
The   Future 

We live in interesting times.  The failure of World leaders to bring about World Peace has never been more evident than it is today.  The problems facing man look as if they are coming to a head all at once.  Inflation is soaring; Housing is in deep trouble; War looms on several fronts; and the quality of our Water, Food and Healthcare has gone out the bottom long ago.

Welllllllll, this is not a dissertation on “Doom and Gloom” and “how bad it all is”.
  It’s simply a short essay on what YOU can DO to be CAUSATIVE over your own SURVIVAL, and help guarantee the Health of your loved ones.  In a previous article a few years back, I wrote a detailed list of what every family needs to have on hand in case of a dire emergency or disaster.  That list is still as good as gold, and available from my office if you don’t have a copy.  The following is an addition that expands upon it.

1.      Water:  Ensure you have a minimum of 25 gallons of distilled or purified water stored for every adult family member.  This is for drinking only.  Forget about bathing, or flushing toilets.  Dig a hole in the back yard and put an outhouse on it.  Water is your most precious commodity.  Also make certain you have a gravity-fed water purification system such as the Katadyn or the Aqua Rain.  These purify water sources such as ponds or rainwater.  Our Office carries the Aqua Rain should you need one.

2.      FOOD:  A three (3) months supply of wholesome, organic Food is mandatory for every single person in the family.  This can be in the form of dehydrated grains, seeds, nuts, meats, fruits, and veggies.  They can be vacuum packed for an even longer shelf life.  Organic Canned Foods and Baby Foods will also fit the bill here, and these can be purchased at your closest Healthfood Store.  I can’t emphasize strongly enough – make sure all of these foods are 100% ORGANIC!!!

3.      Seeds:  You can buy Organic / Heirloom Seeds or save the ones you get from the Organic Fruits and Veggies you purchase or grow. These keep quite a while and are a must for your future food needs.  Some of the easier Organic seeds to save are: Peppers, Squash, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Papaya, and Grape.   Start growing a garden NOW, if you’re not doing so already.  Grow only those plants that will produce more seeds.  Stay away from Hybrids as these are produced by artificially cross-pollinating plants. Hybrids were supposedly created to improve certain characteristics of a particular variety of plant, such as better yield, greater uniformity, improved color, disease resistance, and so on.  Today, Hybrid seeds are predominant in agriculture and home gardening, and it is claimed to be one of the main contributing factors to the dramatic rise in agricultural output during the last half of the 20th century.  Don’t touch these seeds with a 10-foot pole since Hybrid seed cannot be saved.  The seeds from the first generation of Hybrid plants do not reliably produce true copies or offspring.  Therefore, new seeds must be purchased for each planting.  This can be used as a way to control us by not allowing us to save and replant our seeds.  Therefore we are wholly dependent upon seed sellers such as Monsanto and must buy whatever they give us each year.  Many of these seeds are “Genetically Modified” and “Round-up Ready” which means they will not grow unless you spray them with “Round-up”, a highly poisonous pesticide that kills weeds while activating the seed to grow.  At this point, you are not only locked into purchasing their seeds, you are now a slave to buying their “Round-Up” pesticide from thereon out. This could mean no seeds to plant or not having the choice to grow organically or save your own seeds.

4.      Firearms:  These are a twofold “must-have” that should be obvious.  Not only can your food supplies eventually run out and hunting becomes an absolute necessity, you may possibly get into a situation where you need to defend yourself and your family.  If you would like more detailed information regarding excellent but inexpensive firearms for survival, send me a private email or note. 

5.      Tools:  You’ve got to have an axe.  If I was only allowed one tool, it would be an axe.  Chainsaws and power tools are fine, but they require either gas or electricity of which there is only a limited supply.  My wife Valorie, who is a top-notch gardener, swears that you can never have too many hand tools. J Garden tools, spades, rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, and the like are not only fun for you and the kids, but they could very well mean the difference in living well or barely getting by.  Hammers, Chisels, Saws, Wrenches, Vise Grips, and a good supply of nails and screws need to be on your shopping list if you don’t already have these on hand.

6.      Medical Kit:  You can’t have too many bandages, antiseptics, or painkillers on hand.  Believe me, this is one of those scenarios, where if you DON’T have a Med Kit, you’ll darn well need it for certain.  It is the prepared ship that never sinks. 

7.      Herbal Remedies:  A 3 (three) month supply of Total Nutrition, Echinacea, TotalTonic, Intestinal Cleanse, Cayenne, Lobelia, and our Body Balance+ Formula are the bare bones minimum.  I know at least a dozen families that keep a six-month supply of each of these on hand at all times and just rotate their stock every month.  They call up about every 4 weeks and order at least one of each and use up the oldest stock in their pantry first.  The shelf life on each of these is many YEARS.  To make sure of this, I’d recommend storage in a cool dark place.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have other remedies such as the Deep Tissue Repair Oil, or the Total Healing Poultice Powder, or the Tooth and Gum Formula, or the Nerve Sedative Formula, etc. it only means you’ve got to have the necessities as above.  Each can be a lifesaver!

One friend told me that they have Total Nutrition on the TOP of their monthly shopping list before the purchase of any other food.  This only makes sense because you can literally live off this wonderful food.  None of the above can be overlooked, and I want all of my friends to survive the coming years.  The Future can be very bright, and I hope this helps. 

Yours in Knowledge, Health and Freedom,


Disclaimer:  The above information is for educational purposes only, is not intended to serve as medical advice, and has not been evaluated or approved by the FDA or the AMA.  The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.  No warranties, expressed or implied, are offered with any services, products or information supplied by Dr. Shillington, his staff or Organic Solutions, Inc.  If you are ill or suspect you may have a health problem, it is recommended that you seek the advice of your health care provider. 

Copyright © 2008 by Ian Shillington N.D.  All rights reserved. 


****************This letter is simply food for thought, ideas you might want to consider simply for your own use as you wisely consider the days ahead… THIS IS NOT an endorsement of the “Church of Scientology” or a pass on the possible contradictions to the Bible or the Lord Jesus — or any other unintended links – related links to Doc Shillington************   His work appears to be authentic, ideas appear to be sound in terms of basic “survival.”  This newsletter was interesting to me and I think you might **********glean********** what you can from it as the LORD God leads you and your family.

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