No Greater Joy


I suppose I’m still in my travels down the melancholy memory lane.  I don’t know if the Autumn season has brought all this on or not — I don’t know if the realization of my own life-season of autumn has brought all this on. Whatever the case, I’m still strolling among falling leaves.
To God be the glory… Great things He has done.


samuel baptism


samuel baptism




Wes baptized Samuel and three more of our children on the first of this month.  I truly know no greater joy than that our children walk in Truth — and no greater sorrow when they do not.   I know lots of parents have high aspirations for their children — they want their children do do more, know more, be more than they are/were and they have lofty goals for their children’s future – their future accomplishments, fame and fortune.  And… I suppose I have a measure of hope and desire for each of our children – but I suppose that, in reality, I only truly hope one thing for them and will trust the Lord to finish His work — and that is that my children know and walk with the Lord. Whatever else they know, whatever else they do will only be of any lasting value if it’s in the will of the Lord.

My husband’s birthday was yesterday and of all the gifts he could have wished, he was thankful for his children and so grateful to God for those who walk in Truth.  We sat for a long time in Starbucks yesterday morning… reminiscing, thinking, thanking, planning.  We had to leave long before our reminiscing finished.

My father’s birthday would have been today… I’m remembering a lot of things today.  One year ago today, my husband had a heart attack.  I never loved him so much as that day.  I love him more today.  If there are no tomorrows, I’m sure glad for today.


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