Standing on the shore…

stbx.jpgI’m standing on the shore watching the tide roll in and wash out again. Day after day, over and over and over it rolls.  Day after day more things are washed up on the beach, more things are uncovered at the water rushes back out to sea leaving the exposed shells and seaweed on the wet sand.  Little urchins burrow down and take cover in the wet sand.  Over and over the water flows… sand fleas, clams and other shells, starfish — occasionally a beautiful sand dollar is left sparkling in the sun.  What delight, what a prize each one is… now, something for everyone!

A beautiful boat sails by and I look up and observe that it’s severely listing first to the left and then to the right and seems as though it will capsize from all the people hurrying en masse to one side and then to the other.  Few seem to be questioning whether or not the boat is even going in the right direction.

I’ve been standing on the beach… occasionally pacing back and forth… should I wade into the rolling waters or just stand here observing the tide aware of the chilly wet sand beneath my feet? Should I just jump in and ride the waves?  I mean, it seems like everyone’s getting in the water… it must be alright… everyone’s doing it!  O, wait, maybe I ought to just swim out to the boat and climb aboard and join the crowd there.

Nah… I think I’ll just stand here on the shoreline and eat bread and watch the waves and soak in the son a little while longer.


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