Restorer of the Breach(es)

teacuppamela.pngI’m still pondering: The old paths…

A few days ago I was looking at photographs and was trying to recollect those days… actually, those and a lot of other “days gone by” and I began to consider and ask myself: what good things did I do in those days do I no longer do? What did I leave off doing — and why? Did I get weary? Did I get overconfident? Did I get tired? Did I get lazy? Did I forget? Why did I stop doing the things that were working well? And, when? When did I veer off the path?

Slowly over the last several days and likely into the next several weeks, I am working to restore the old paths… the old paths of home… the routines, the objectives and the disciplines of our home life. A mama has to be the restorer of the breach(es).

Somewhere along the way some of the pavers of the old path slipped away… various floods of life and life’s trials broke up the path — children grew, needs changed, babies were born, children grew up and left home, the tides of business ebbed and flowed, sickness and health, strength and weakness… and so, along the way — here and there, places on the path were washed out.

Probably of all the decisions I’ve been making — or the tasks I’ve been doing lately — setting our home in order has been the most important. Clutter and disorder paralyzes people — and mothers, probably more than they realize, are rendered ineffective if there is much clutter and disorder. Clutter hinders creativity and productivity and disorder hinders unity and accomplishment — both in ourselves and in our children or daily family life.

I hadn’t really realized this was happening — it was so long in existence and so subtle in appearance. I hadn’t realized that I had stopped checking “completed” chores. I hadn’t realized that I had started finishing jobs others had either started and didn’t complete or hadn’t done at all. I hadn’t noticed that things were being overlooked… not put away… not taken care of properly.

I hadn’t noticed that jobs were being done well enough instead of well done! Close or ‘good enough’ is fine some of the time… but ‘good enough’ is not fine for all of the time. Close or ‘good enough’ is fine for younger children “in training,” but for myself and older children who know better, close or ‘good enough’ is not: good. Enough.

More on all this later.



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  1. I do hope you share more of your path and how you are changing everything. I have been pondering this a lot too and trying to get into a better order or routine. The last year, maybe two, I have tried to do better but quickly get back into the old, bad routine or dare I say, lack of routine. Lack of routine means laziness and not enough getting down. I don’t expect perfection from myself as I did in my 20’s but I know that things have to be better. I knew it was getting bad when my now 3 year thinks she can yell and not get a course in “training”. I let things go so much that I am ashamed and asked my husband forgiveness for not staying on task. Of course he is always forgiving and even tells me that I am a good wife and mother but I know he deserves better. The children do too. They need and deserve consistency in training, discipline and lots of looking forward to momma time. I am anxious to hear any encouraging words or tips you can offer. Too many women these days lean on the side of not doing enough and then feel as if it is ok. I know some wives and mothers can’t do more but the majority can and should.

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