Can you imagine? A whole new life?

teacuppamela.pngI read with some interest a news piece about a man who is auctioning off his life or, rather, his lifestyle and material goods, on eBay. Seems Ian Usher wants a fresh new start.  I cannot help but feel sorry for the man… not for what he wants to leave behind, but for what seems to be an empty life.

During the last several days I’ve been helping my parents pack, move, unpack and settle a bit in their new home.  At some point after some conversation seemed to spark the thought, I wondered, for a split-second, what it would be like to pack up our whole house — everything and move to an entirely different place — to have a fresh new start somewhere else  (I don’t mean without my husband and children). Then I got a sick feeling inside… sick over what I’d necessarily have to leave behind, sick over the “life” we’d leave behind, sick over who I wouldn’t spend time with any longer and, actually, more sickening to me was the thought that in doing that, unless prompted and guided by the LORD, I’d know I was running from whatever it was He had for me to do here. So, as suddenly as the thought popped into my mind, I dismissed it entirely.  Thoughts like that are dangerous.  Thoughts like that are deadly.  Those thoughts are kin to thoughts of despair or thoughts of regret.  Dangerous.

Well, so, there’s a guy who’s auctioning off his worldly goods – not his life.  And… what’s interesting is that there are a number of people looking to take on a life or a lifestyle that someone else is done with, tired of — a life someone else seems to regret — and are willing to step in and pick up where Ian Usher wants to leave off. So, I then have begun to wonder… do people search eBay for new life?  Because… I’m thinking… whatever they’ve left behind to pick up what someone else wants to leave behind will likely have the same end result for them. Maybe?

Everybody’s looking for something.  Everyone wants something. I was looking at the plaques on my step-father’s walls as I was packing them up and thought… everyone’s done things for which they received some renumeration or some notoriety or some accolade and most of the time no one else knows, or few others know, about them.  And so stuff get packed away, put away in boxes or drawers and all those things begin to accumulate dust or memories fade and the once remarkable achievement floats out into the sea of forgetfulness.

My mother and I were sitting on her coffee table (what?!?! we were never allowed to sit on the coffee table!!) looking through slides… we’d slip one out of the bright yellow Kodak box and hold it up to the light – me, barely able to see the images; she, instantly described each one as if to see and remember them with perfect clarity.  But then, I realized, those were her babies… some things you never forget – no matter how many years have passed.

I know a lot of people would like new stuff or, at least, would like to get rid of old stuff and replace it with new stuff.  I know a lot of people would like to be done with trials and hardships, disappointment and failure. I know that sometimes life seems a bit arduous and along comes the “anywhere but here” temptation.

It is for freedom that Jesus came, that He died, was buried, rose again and ascended to heaven.  It is for freedom that He lives – and ever lives to make intercession for us.  It is in Jesus that we find our All in all.  It is through faith in Jesus that we have this calm and blessed assurance.  He alone tells us that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life… no man comes to the Father but by Him.  I pray that Ian Usher will know the love and salvation of Jesus and put his trust in Him.  I pray that all who are seeking new life will turn to Jesus and that this day will be a day of new beginnings.

So… new life?  It’s in Him.  A whole new life.

Wherever you go… He’s already there.


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