Inconvenient results.

teacuppamela.pngI know that for many, the argument would be: there are no ‘sudden’ shortages. There might seemingly be ‘sudden’ shortages but such shortages would be better described that a realization that supply has been diminishing and media gets wind of it and produces news that sets off a hoarding frenzy. Think of y2k — it was coming… that date, January 1, 2000, was on the calendar. Slowly over time, people began to realize that the potential computer glitches had catastrophic implications around the world. So, in reaction, many stockpiled food, money, weaponry, fuel and water… and the countdown was on. And it passed.

I don’t say all this to say… all this shall pass and there’s nothing to be concerned about. But I think it’s important to not lose sight of, or faith in, the fact that God is our sovereign Lord. We might well get carried away with alarmists who have no hope and who believe every report that’s printed or broadcast over the airwaves.

Should we pay little, no, or some, attention to the news reports? Should we stockpile food and other natural resources? Should we join in the panicked frenzy and buy wheat, rice, corn and gold (and water)? Should we methodically increase food stores? These are questions for which, I believe, there are no hard and fast answers. I guess I’d just continue to encourage faithful patience and wisdom – and action when directed by the Lord to act.

None of these current troubles have escaped the gaze of the LORD and none has come as a surprising turn of events to Him. But, to be sure, a nation that will sanction the shedding of innocent blood will not go unpunished. Surely the goodness, faithfulness and righteousness of God cannot allow for blessing a nation that has turned away from Him – though He has so bountifully and so lavishly provided the abundantly fruitful and breathtakingly beautiful landscape of our nation – He is sovereign to care for His own but God is mocked – whatsoever a man sows, that will he also reap. Everything planted will yield fruit… good and bad – everything yields.

When decisions or reactions are made based on false information or assumptions then the resulting actions will be devastating. Consider all the actions and reactions based on Al Gore’s hypothetical ‘global warming.’ Consider the string of catastrophes as a result of his hypothesis that gasoline emission is destroying our planet.

So… instead of giving the same consideration to those who disprove so-called “global warming” our government (and others) offer an answer to the problem: use a different fuel. Many in government bought this inconvenient truth lie and mandated (and $ub$idize$) the reallocation of crops and the production of ethanol. But this then led to a dramatically decreased production of food for people… and animals. The food grown for animals was diverted. The food grown for people – diverted. Food costs have skyrocketed. The food grown for biofuel? O, it’s there alright – but the staggering amount needed to meet the demand cannot possibly be realized. Now, instead of fuel or need for fuel being the problem – now it’s the people. There is not enough food to meet the growing food needs/demands of all the too many people. Now, the “global warming” is exacerbated by the too many people driving too many cars using too much gasoline. Now, it’s too many people, too many cars, too high emissions… But what about all that goes into (and shortchanged by) the ethanol farmers are *required* to produce?

What if instead of genetically modifying food, instead of shipping food all over the world, instead of foolishly assuming Al Gore’s theory is correct, we were to repent of the atrocities that have marred this nation, return to the Lord, return to using the abundant and natural resources and replenishing and restoring them… and instead of sending food to other countries send missionaries to proclaim the gospel, make disciples of all nations, demonstrate the proper use of available resources for aiding the production and use of indigenous natural resources rather than shipping goods that spoil enroute. Instead of giving a man a fish to feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

quotebegin.gifGod’s work, done God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.”
Hudson Taylor

So… a genuine food shortage? I thinking, rather: misuse, a misguided approach and misallocation of resources. of. many. sorts.


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