Home. Don’t miss it for the world.

teacuppamela.pngWhenever we attend a HomeSchool conference or listen to a message espousing the benefits of home education, we tend to talk about it for days — weeks, even. But our enthusiasm or dedication to home education is not limited to or sparked by those times. Our dedication to homeschooling is strengthened, though, by such times as we just experienced this past weekend. Our enthusiasm is occasionally dampened by some failure or some personal discouragement, but truly, for twenty years, our enthusiasm to press on has not waned.

I suppose I could just say that occasionally we run into those 2 Corinthians 4.8 times: “We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed;” It is in those times that we have learned to step back, evaluate the day, evaluate the curriculum, evaluate the level of understanding and stand still for a bit. It’s in those ‘standing still’ times that we can best determine our next step (for that child, or for all the children, as the case may be) and not hastily toss in the towel. All is not lost, all is not for naught as the enemy might entice us to believe.

Sometimes we take on too many things for a season and need to shelve things for a bit. Other times (and this is more often the case) we need to *add* some more things to the daily study load. Now, that might seem like a contradiction – but no; sometimes the weariness or the naughtiness stems not from too much to do, but too little. That’s why the ‘standing still’ times or the evaluation times are so necessary.

I was recently asked if I believe every Christian parent should homeschool their children. You know, I used to give a politically correct answer to this question – fearing reproach for emphatically stating what I erroneously thought was just a personal conviction. So, as I am now accustomed to doing, I answered with resolute conviction and said, yes. Yes, I do believe all Christian parents should home educate their children.

I believe it to be a scriptural mandate and now, more than ever, a culturally necessary decision. I don’t say this to stir controversy or to cast aspersions at all, but rather, because of the nature and scope of government eduction. I/we could never endorse a great deal of what’s commonly taught in government schools – and believe me, I/we do recognize the great wealth of information available to government school students – that’s not questioned at all. However, those benefits are far and away overshadowed by the immoral teachings and presuppositions, philosophies, theories taught as fact and behaviours that are antithetical to Scripture and our Creator — not to mention the fact that the Word clearly delineates who children’s teachers ought to be and what they’re to teach.

So, these are my heart thoughts: Home is where the heart is. Home is where the learning begins. Home is where each child’s story is written and history is recorded and where the glory of the Lord is walked, talked and the Word is read and lived out. Home may not have all that the world has to offer, this is true… but, I have to ask: is that what we want to give our children anyway?

Home. Don’t miss it for the world.

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  4. One other clarifying point about whether to homeschool or not. One thing is for sure,at least for me and mine. It is not the governments job to educate the masses. If we were talking a neighborhood school with the parents having complete control, it might not be a total evil thing, but that isn’t what we’ve got going here. Taking children away from the family for most of the day is not training them up in the way they should go. Especially when the education away from home is hostile to Christian values. I am so glad the Lord enlightened my husband and I to homeschooling. I say the worst day of homeschooling is better than any best day at the public school!!! I’m sure I’m stepping on toes, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Loving Pamela!!! Pam R

  5. I am so glad to have found your webpage and this blog! It is simply delightful! I could not agree with you more about homeschooling.
    Though I certainly have love for others and a deep sense of compassion for them, I have never been ingrained with a deep sense of “political correctness.” I am very open about how Scripture calls every parent to teach their own children, not to hand them off to strangers!
    I am so excited to find this! I am linking you at my blog. 🙂

  6. Dear Pamela,
    It was so lovely to see you at the Christian Heritage conference! Thank you so much for coming by to introduce your sweet husband. What an honor. The conference was such a blessing! I’m having such a nice time re-listening to some of my favorite sessions for inspiration and exhortation! I’d been feeling like I was living in such a drought, and this certainly was like a refreshing stream of water for the soul and to motherhood and parenting. Your website is similarly chocked full of encouragement, and I have just recently been tapping into it, getting to know you better through your blog. Who inspires and encourages you?

    I was thinking about how I might get to visit with you further, and thought ahead to this coming summer. We always attend the Bigfoot soccer tournament in August there in Snohomish as a family. I would love to take you to lunch in town there. Could you recommend a favorite place? We could catch up on our lives and families, talk about what the Lord is doing, and then maybe go walking for a bit.

    I hope you are enjoying the little glimpses of Spring that we’ve been having! We might yet get our seeds in by May 1st.
    Blessings to you sister!
    PS. Tried the email address you hubby gave and it bounced back. Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

  7. Pamela, I could not say anymore than what you have said. My child sees the world through Scripture. I have been able to teach him to measure ALL things against the Word. If it stands, keep it. If it does not measure up, throw it out!! The Word of God is our Standard. You, as always, inspire me to keep reaching. Love you. God bless you,

  8. I know homeschooled kids are far from perfect (as are homeschool parents).

    However, the difference between homeschooled kids and those around here who attend public (or even Christian) schools has become more evident in the past few years.

    It is not only a question of dress and such but the homeschooled kids I’ve been around seem to know how to live life within a real community more than others. I’m always surprised when I talk to a teenager at church who is not homeschooled and they act as if they do not know how to speak to adults.

    We won’t even get into the books they are encouraged to read, habits they form, curriculum taught as Truth, etc.

    I decided long ago that homeschooling done “less than perfectly” is far better than anything the other schooling options has to offer.

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