And the tide rolled out…

It seems that for the last several weeks the tide has come in and gone out stronger and higher day by day.  It seems that in all the get up, clean up, wash up, hurry up, make more food and clean it all up and put it all away… lather, rinse, repeat another day, we’ve just barely kept pace with all the demands of the day.  And then the tide rolled out…

I’ve been in bed the last couple of days… cough-cough-cough-ing.  I was in almost a panic as I thought — with dread — that I was  entering another bout with pneumonia.  It’s been three-plus years since I last had pneumonia and several years since that episode.   It’s always sort of stunning to me to get sick like that — Whaaat?? Noooo.  not. this.  And then for weeks I battle the giant.  Well, this current sickness has not actually been much of a surprise as I’ve sort of been shelving it for a few weeks – visitors and guests have brought different gifts… some in our family have accepted the gifts (colds, flu, achy bodies, coughs) and all have been short-lived gifts.  It’s sort of been like: sorry, no time for that right now, come back later.  It did.

Ahhhhhhhhh for this little laptop.  thank you, wes.

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  1. Pamela,
    praying for your recovery! I know how difficult it is for our families when mom is down for the count…hahaha Take it easy and have a cup of tea.
    Love and blessings,

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