The Shining Sword

teacuppamela.pngWes reads great books to our family several nights a week. I love to listen to him read — he reads well, clearly, passionately, with enthusiasm and occasionally he’ll even give the characters’ voice. So he was reading to us last evening and the stark current reality of the long ago written story was astounding to me. The book is, The Shining Sword by Charles Coleman, originally written in 1956. It’s one of those timeless, classic books — sort of like John Bunyan’s, The Pilgrim’s Progress, that teaches deeply important Bible truths in such an engaging manner.

Each night as Wes reads, the children listen with rapt attention to the trials and conquests of Lanus and the use of the whole armour of God. I’m sure our children will not forget the value of the armour of God, His power and the enemy’s piercings of the sword and the value and protection of the armour given every believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

I think family story time is probably one of the most valuable and important investments parent can make. It’s just such an invaluable time — great training, great truths instilled, wonderful opportunities to dialog and compare and contrast what’s read with the Word of God and it’s just such a rewarding time each time the family gathers around to listen to papa read. I read to them, too — and they enjoy it, but there’s just something particularly wonderful about having papa read the stories.  I especially like it… his voice is soothing to me.


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