Happy Birthday, Timothy!

We’re sure missing our boy today… on his birthday, and every day. Hannah made a birthday cake for Timothy, put it on the Red Plate… we lit the candles and sang the ‘happy birthday song’ while the camera was recording. So, here we are, early this morning, singing to our boy… 7500 miles away.

Happy Birthday, Timothy. We’re missing you! From all of us, with love.

0 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Timothy!

  1. O, thank you all!

    Samuel was attempting to upload the file on the youtube site, and it was too long and so he cut it a bit and still couldn’t get it to load and so… well, to make a long story short, he thought it would be funnier and load better if he just sped it up a bit. and the rest… is our couple of minutes of fame.

    love, mama lolli pop

  2. How did you get the chipmunk-voice effect? That was hilarious!!! What a wonderful birthday song for your son, Timothy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I didn’t know the Lolli Pop Guild lived at your house. Oh, it all makes so much sense now!

    Love you!

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