Timothy in Ghana

I’ve added a letter and some pictures to Timothy’s pages on our site.

Our son Timothy is a missionary in Ghana, West Africa, and I’ve made a couple of pages for his letters and updates, pictures and contact information. I hope you enjoy them…

I’ve loved talking with him on the phone… just hearing his voice is a delight to me and such an encouragement as he shares the wonderful ways the LORD is blessing and providing for everything that’s needed there. It’s been a tremendous blessing, too, to hear of God’s provision and how He’s working in the lives of some young men Timothy’s talked to in the last week.

Of course, as Timothy loves soccer, it was sure a treat to see Ghana’s team win the first match of the African Nations cup. Timothy said that the streets were jam-packed with people cheering and hollering – so happy for that victory!

Anyway… here’s his page and here are his letters and photos.

No time to blog…………………………………. I’m so living.

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