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teacuppamela.pngI’m both humbled and honoured to receive this blog award – and, yes, I’m very surprised. I’m smiling as I have visited the site of the sister in the Lord who has given me this award. I smile bcz her stories and pictures are affirmations to me that the path the Lord has chosen for us is truly a blessed path — motherhood is a path paved by the grace of God, in His mercy and it is a life of blessing beyond description.

mathetes blog award

This “Mathete’s” award originates with Dan King and his blog: Management By God, he shares, “Mathetes is the Greek word for disciple, and the role of the disciple (per the Great Commission) is to make more disciples.” And so, in keeping with the intention of this award I am to give this award to five other bloggers whom I believe are making disciples through their blogs!

So, thank you, Tammy, at A Fruitful Vine, for this award, and with this recognition, I also thank you for your kind encouragement and I just want to say… keep goin’ you’re doing fine!

It would seem impossible to only mention just five of the blogs or websites that demonstrate dedication to proclaiming the Truth of God’s Word and so I will share a few sites, blogs and women that have been particularly encouraging to me through the years. These are but a few of the many who so frequently inspire me, encourage me to press on and to delight in the ways of the Lord. The sites I am including here have been a particular blessing to me in that they minister to such an array of interests I have and well relate to the things particular to different seasons of life all, though, in obedience to the Lord. I must say… I am also taught and encouraged by all the different blogs I visit from time to time… so many sweet sisters around the world. And for this list, I’m only mentioning sisters… I have decided not to mention in this brief list the many great blog sites for teaching the Word, apologetics, and discipleship (my dear-to-me-blogs link to the left shows more variety and great sites/teaching/encouragement).

Carla Lynne Joys in the Journey

Cindy Dominion Family

Georgene Walking with God

Lydia Home Living

Stacy Your Sacred Calling

Thank you for allowing me this moment to share a few things that bless me… I know they’ll bless you, too.


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