too many good things…

teacuppamela.pngIt seems, far too often, that there are so many good things happening that events or milestones or appointments all start to blend together after awhile. It’s as if each event lately has been a gift and with the passing of each day the previous days’ gift is covered up and it takes days of recollection to take out and examine each event, each memory, to see just what’s happened – to reevaluate and apply the lessons learned.

We experience a similar burying of treasures when we attend the believer’s conference at Deer Lake each Labour Day. Between the good teaching, singing, testimonies, baptisms and table conversations, we’re literally overloaded with good things… good things of the Word, good things of God’s work, good things of answers to prayer, good things of changed lives, good things of God’s blessings and on and on. Each year I’ve wanted to occasionally just put the weekend on “pause” so that I could take time to stop and mull over what’s just been shared or what’s going on so that I can slow it down and store it, as it were, to recall later. But, that not being possible, I attempt to take copious notes —notes I’ve reread many times this week. Note-taking helps me to listen more intently… and and to later recall more specifically what was said.

As the LORD would have it, this past weekend was filled with delightful things… great teaching was only one of the outstanding things. As friends have since discussed the talks we heard, each have had comments or highlights that were especially meaningful -and happily, they heard things I didn’t hear or were impressed with things I’d missed and so the blessing is increased. As I look back, I think one of the things that was most prominent to me was the common thread seen throughout the weekend. A common thread that seemed to both bind the messages and link them together — the thread that seemed to demonstrate the guiding of the LORD. Sometimes in life, when messages are shared, there seems to be a disconnect or a disjointed feel to the time… but then, other times, as was the case this past weekend, the messages just seem to flow… sort of like a book and each talk is simply the next chapter of a very instructive book.

We were blessed to have all our children (well, all that live here at home) together for this year’s conference. This has sadly not been the case over the last few years – something I very much regret! I’ve missed having Timothy with us… so it really was a sweet time this year. The traveling and lodging together was a blessing I’ll always treasure. A particular highlight for me, in addition to Hannah’s baptism, was the time of prayer for the missionaries who would be heading to Ghana in the next few months. I was thankful for that time of prayer as I’ll likely often recall that evening when Timothy is somewhere in Ghana and I’m seeking the comfort of the Lord and the assurance of His presence and protection. It was a blessing to hear the long-time missionary share of the plans for Ghana and then to talk with him and his wife about the plans ahead. I have always known that Timothy has a particular call on his life and God will use him for His glory. As he walks with the Lord, it is evident to me that God has great plans for him. I do know that there is no safer place in the world than in the Hand of the Lord… and nowhere on earth is safe outside the will of God.  I don’t fret about all that lies ahead—it’s clear to me that God’s leading; I pray His will be done.


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