Re-imaging God

teacuppamela.pngYou may be saying… wha…? I know. Incredible. I almost hesitate to write about this bcz of the blasphemous nature of the topic, but I share this, in part, to urge awareness… to urge believers to pray and to urge believers to “wake up” and see the turns of events in the world around us.

The more time goes by we’re seeing incredible leaps and departures from the Truth. As if the ‘seeker felt-needs-meet-my-wants’ trend wasn’t extreme enough, and as if the contemplative, mysticism wasn’t enough of a departure, now we have yet another perversion of Truth: the heretical, “re-imaging” of God – “the re-imaging of God by [this, from the “herchurch” website] by claiming her [sic] feminine persona in thealogy [sick sic], liturgy, church structure, art, language, practices, leadership, and acts of justice. Challenging the church’s restricted language of the past, we pay special attention to images and metaphors that attempt to embrace divine fullness and that offer a witness of holy nurture and inclusive justice, both to the church and to the world.”

I see a bit of where the departure might have begun (well… in addition to that incident in the garden) – at least, in part, it may have begun with the stretching of the meaning of one of the names of God: El Shaddai. El Shaddai means God Almighty – God All Sufficient. Further, Shad means breastinHebrew; thus, the stretch that God is female – the sustainer, the life-giver as women are and then the broad (pun unintended) assumption that God is actually female — you may sometimes hear: mother God. Or, in a stretch Father-Mother God. The “re-imaging” of God is not new… but it is grievous nonetheless.

In the make-me-feel-good-tell-me-what-I-want-to-hear “church” today, it’s no wonder the “re-imaging” can be taking place. And it may be embraced in surprising places… for, consider that even hairy potter books (misspelling intentional) are tolerated – even lauded by *christians* around the world. Each has a place in the hall of shame. It’s a pathetic situation when “theologians” teachers – preachers – miss the dark side or the forbidden in Scripture: dabbling in occultic practices. Recommending those books is akin to recommending yoga or any other eastern meditation / spiritual formation and /or the new favourite : contemplative or contemplative spirituality.

The re-imaging of God is happening everywhere… consider that pastors are attempting to see how the church can fit into the homosexual “lifestyle.” Consider that pastors are grappling with attempting to make smooth paths for such “alternative” lifestyles. Can you, for even a moment, consider or imagine a pastor attempting to make way or provision for pedophiles or practicing thieves, murderers, liars, adulterers… on and on. See? See the shift in thinking… we’re slowly being trained, ingrained, and indoctrinated to believe the dialectic… that it’s simply a gentle lifestyle choice, not a sin – not an abomination – to be homosexual live a life of a sodomite. See… pedophilia grosses us out, makes us angry, boils our core. But shouldn’t other abominations? Shouldn’t we take a stand against that which stands against God’s natural plan, purpose and design? I take a stand against what violates God’s design. That’s why I say what I say and that’s why all these “lifestyles” that are contrary to God’s design are so grievous. Are the *people* themselves to be condemned? No—the people themselves need salvation (just like me) to know the LORD (as I do) and to serve Him (as I also need/desire/want to/would/should serve Him). The church… following after all the new seductive conversations, drunk on it’s own sensual revelations needs to turn to the God of the Bible, not the godS of this world — and not the godS of other “religions” and not a re-imaged god… but God – the Creator of all things, the Sustainer of all things, our Provider, our LORD and Saviour: God.

Don’t think the slide into the abyss is all that big a deal? Don’t think that all the repackaging of distorted truths is just a bunch of hype? Consider the enormity of the impact these lies are having on “the church” today. I write about this from time to time… not so much to sound an alarm but to say… the alarm is already blaring but the ‘church’ seems so mesmerized and enthralled with itself and is swaying to the beat of repetitive sensual tunes and seems deaf to the alarm and blind to the warning signs.


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