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teacuppamela.pngI’m taking a break from watching videos… yep, that’s me, sitting around watching videos in the middle of the day. Yep… I even made popcorn and a cup of tea. I was falling asleep and decided I needed to engage in some meaningful conversation. So… I guess others will decide if this’ll be meaningful or not. O, the video? It’s a Micro$oft program training video. Yes… I need to get going on our store… more aprons came today — thus the impetus for buckling down and watching the training video.

I’m thinking, wow, I should’ve had a video for Frontpage when I first began to use that program years ago. Whew… everything’s got a learning curve. I guess in a few years people like me will be able to sit at the computer and simply dictate info to the machine………. here’s what I want, here’s how I want it to look and here’s what I want to say and voilà: a functioning website! Maybe that’s just what will happen.

I know, I know… that’s what web designers do every day. They’re probably a lot like tax guys. Or Creative Memories consultants. They get a bunch of stuff in a shoe box… hear all the reasons why a person didn’t/can’t/won’t get the job done on their own and then sort through it all and attempt to make sense of it and come up with a nice presentation… uh… to the IRS or to the family… which ever comes first.

So, I’m wading through the program and am attempting to just make sense of it enough to put together the pages necessary to launch The Welcome Home Store. O… and all the while I am thinking of some pretty good advice a friend gave… Seeing’s how I was attempting to get everything all lined up neatly in a row… he suggested that I just launch out with whatever I had… one product or whatever and then see what happens. A lot of wisdom in that guy’s mind, I tell ya. And so… seeing that my husband isn’t wasting days and days doing his work… neither should I with mine. So… I’ll get to figuring out how to utilize the program… and hopefully I’ve properly perceived that the merchandise is good… as did my P31 sister, I need to get a shopping cart implemented and see about selling some girdles to the merchants Good Things.

But first… I want to share another bit with you… O, and about the falling asleep at the video? Truly… it was just me… the presenter is doing a great job… very informative, very thorough and well spoken. She’s just got such a soothing voice… I wasn’t bored… I was jut lulled to sleep. It’s just what happens when I’m read to for any length of time… or when I read the children’s stories to them in the late afternoon. ;o)


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