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teacuppamela.pngThese have been unusually busy days… and though there are many things to write, many things I’ve been pondering as I’ve been working around and many events to share, these days continue to roll along and time to reflect on them here has been too limited.

Probably the most challenging and sometimes disappointing thing about busy days and many events is that each event is almost covered up or obscured by the next event, and the next, and so on.  You probably have days or seasons like this, too.  There are days, lately, where I’ve wanted to say: stop, I want to hang around this day a bit longer… but the next thing happens and another day passes over it.

We’ve sure been blessed with many wonderful experiences, many visits, lots of miles on the van and now home again preparing for our annual “backyard party for family and friends.”  This is by no means an exclusive party – in fact, it’s known that anyone’s welcome to bring their own family and friends, too.   So we’ve spent the last few days getting things ready… browsing through Kathryn’s Africa pictures, and welcoming Timothy home and hearing all about mission’s school, talks he’s heard and books he’s read and the classes he’s taken… as well as some of his upcoming plans.   And… last, but not least, we’ve been helping a couple of our children brave these hot and itchy days of chicken pox.

There’s never really a convenient time to get chicken pox… but, I must say, I think I’d rather have the children undergo this illness in the summer rather than in the winter.  As I remind them, in a week, or so, they will look back and say: now, that wasn’t so bad.  ~smile~  That’s what I tell them, anyway.  I know… easy for me to say… but, actually, experience has taught me… that this, as with many things we initially think are too difficult, is a small thing to go through in the scheme of things.

I hope to get back on track here very soon.  I’ve missed blogging… but… wow—has the “blogosphere” been buzzing.  From government things, to feminism, to patricentricity, to the passing of Dr. Raymond Moore, to lots of wonderful things sisters in the LORD are sharing on their blogs.  I’d just like to say to all of them: thank you… thank you, and blessings to you all for the wonderful ways in which you inspire me and others to press on… to stay the course and live in obedience to the Scriptures… and to be a blessing wherever you are.  All the loud things pale in comparison to the truly delightful things many are sharing.  O, the loud things grab attention and siphon life… but the sweet things keep attention and inspire living.

More in a day or so………………………….. when the garden torches are extinguished after the party.


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