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teacuppamela.pngYou don’t have to step out your door very far to see from your porch situations, but for the grace of God, you’d be facing today — and may well face tomorrow. Well, such was the case today… though we were far from our own porch… we had the privilege of spending time with many friends at a special gathering to honour a home-schooled young lady who’s just completed high-school — and her baby brother who just completed treatment for Leukemia. The Pomerantz family was so gracious to have the gathering in honour of those two children in their family.

I couldn’t help but note that it really was the whole family who was to be honoured and celebrated for both those marvelous feats, for I always believe whatever goes on with a member of the family, the whole family really has an integral part. Often, it’s the ones receiving less attention make some of the greatest contributions to the well being of the family.

As that family has walked through this trial they’ve met many others on the path — for much of their time’s been spent at Children’s in Seattle and that’s afforded them great opportunity to not only meet, but to get intimately acquainted with families undergoing similar trials. I met a couple of the moms Ruth befriended in this trial and heard their stories, too. I was deeply touched by their recounting parts of their journey and was moved by their resolve to press on in faith and to trust the LORD. I marveled and thought: how does anyone handle such paths of life without the LORD? How does anyone walk those paths in darkness?

One of the beautiful mamas held a precious daughter whose little body is filled with cancer. The only sign of illness was the tube inserted in her little nose… and the tears in her mama’s eyes as she recounted the doctor’s report of the previous week. Gripping.

Then I had the privilege of meeting another of Ruth’s friends, this time a mama whose little boy drowned and was revived. What a difficult and yet blessed road she’s traveling. I say blessed bcz of the numerous blessings she related and the daughters that were with her were also so radiant and gracious. She shared many things that give great hope and encouragement and shared that there is a website chronology of their journey. I smiled at the name: Hows Luke?

There are always sweet serendipities along the journey… one was being able to spend time with sisters in the LORD, to spend more time with family and then to see some we rarely see… sweet.

Makes me long all the more for heaven.

and these are just some more sweetslicesoflifesmaller.jpg


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