teacuppamela.pngSo, I’m sitting here writing a post on Motherhood and a letter pops up in my inbox and I read it and respond… it’s a letter regarding being a keeper at home and the writer asks if its okay or appropriate for a woman to leave her home according to Titus2 in order to teach in a school… as her pastor said, she is bringing her home with her… and on it went… and so I replied. Just going along… sweetly thinking. That’s how most all my days go.
Then while I replied to a few more letters and another letter popped in; this time the letter was informing me of a man in our local area, here in Snohomish County, who is a pedophile and that letter included a link to a site exposing him and his actions. So, I clicked. On that site, you can read about the man and even see a video of a FoxNews report. It’s incredible. FoxNews also ran the story here.

The man is free to roam about, for he has done nothing to break the law. The police know about him… local officials know about him. He has a website that offers instruction and encouragement to others who are obsessed with the things he’s obsessed with. But… still… he’s done nothing “wrong.” A predator must commit an act in order to be arrested. So they watch and they wait.

I bristle at this….. it makes me angry – angry and afraid. And beleive me, I do not spend my days in fear. I don’t really know what the man looks like… but I know the face of another pedophile and it’s likely that many women who read this blog know the faces of other pedophiles. We have in common that we are adult survivors of childhoodsexualabuse. So when a story like this comes up, I feel angry all over again and past decisions to be done with lessor things, to be done with harm from CSA, to be done with fear of the abuser, sort of all fade away and the CSA is fresh all over again.
Then I look at our little daughters and I think of the potential for harm to them and I grieve – I grieve for the potential harm that could come to them… I pray to protect their purity and their innocence that no one would would rob them of both. In this sin-sick world, they will face trials —- I pray for God’s continued protection from those who would seek to harm them, seek to use them for personal satisfaction… selfish men with vile intentions, trapped by their own addictions given over to reprobate minds.

Even so, come Lord Jesus.


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