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teacuppamela.pngI had a message all typed out (and no, I hadn’t saved it) and it got lost in an accidental circuit breaker switch bump. And so it goes… another ooops.

I hope to recollect my thoughts on the matter I was writing about bcz it seemed important to me. You know, lots of times when I sit down here in my little office I look out and see the always the same yet ever changing view outside and I think of things I’d like to share… thoughts I’d like to somehow convey about marriage or family or motherhood or even those hot topics like: the church today or some political scam story.

Today I have been thinking about baggage and flights and carry-on’s. Our daughter is scheduled to come home in forty-eight hours. I cried and prayed her through her last day in Jinja, her last night spent packing, her travel to Entebbe and her flight to London. Sleep was scarce last night as I thought of how terribly bittersweet her transition would be and how difficult it would be for her to somehow say good-bye for now to those who’ve become so dear to her –some who’ve, in this short time, become her dearest friends… and to the babies and toddlers to whom she’s become attached and so loves… and had to leave behind. I thought of the difficulties she would inevitably face when leaving the poverty of that place and reentering the “modern world” of conveniences, affluent crowds, choices and the luxuries of electricity, clean water, paved roads and air conditioning –just to name a few things.

I’ve been thinking of how she might feel making the transition from being there and the bittersweet desire to be home again – for “home” will never be quite the same again and will, most likely for her, be a difficult place for her to be. It’s right and all… but it will still be difficult for she has left behind a part of her heart and is now coming home with that part missing. So, I’ve cried a lot for the girl who loves the LORD so much and who is so obviously loved and provided for by Him. I’ve cried missing this girl, who has always been such an integral part of our family, and am looking forward to her soon return with tremendous anticipation.

We’ve been counting the “sleeps…” So, now, it’s two more “sleeps” and then we hop in the van and head for SeaTac… and I’m quite sure, for us all, that life will never be the same again.


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