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teacuppamela.pngI had to come inside from doing yardwork. I’m pretty sure I might have died otherwise. I have aches in places I didn’t know I had muscles or in places I didn’t have muscles. I love to garden but bcz of having surgery last spring, I didn’t do any gardening last year. So… this year I am endeavoring to make up for lost time. I’m pretty sure I will make it…. but in case you don’t see an entry here for awhile, it will be bcz when I go to sleep tonight I may not be able to rise from my bed in the morning. Gardening, like parenting is not a sprint… it truly is a marathon… and I shouldn’t have been away from it so long!

So, I have this large cup of tea and have taken some time aside for some web dabbling. Periodically I take a couple of hours to browse blogs that are dear to me and blogs of those who have visited here. It’s always encouraging to read all the wonderful things families are doing together, memories they’re making and strides they’re taking to train up children in the Way of the Lord. I even watched a few very silly youtube videos by homeschooled boys. Those links originally started with a Cindy Rushton endorsed link: for a homeschool conference -online!-

Then I looked through Technorati – Technorati Profile and a few other links. I decided, once again, to not allow myself the luxury tickling itching ears time to read the lengthy letters and blog entries regarding the battles going on between prominent family/homeschool leaders and families. I will just say that when there is a problem, what’s made known is usually only half of half the story. And that quarter is probably distorted a bit by emotion and misunderstanding and, in the end, probably both parties or, in this case many of the parties, are likely going to regret some of the upheaval. We all usually do.

We all usually regret, when a season or two has washed under the bridge, whatever we’ve said in pride and hurt feelings. And, as most scandals go… like house fires, after the spraying’s done and the rubble is sifted, the source of the fire and the cause of the fire is generally determined. Usually, though, when all that’s determined, the bystanders are still standing there saying, so what! that house burned down… that’s the problem!

So, when the fire is reduced to embers and then smoldering ashes, there may well be some leveled “houses” and perhaps some casualties. Sad… bcz the enemy dances when believers war against one another and all the dirty laundry is aired in the middle of town.

P.S.: The “homeschoolers” videos were generally silly—and this is not an endorsement of them or anything else that may be on Just sos ya know.


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