It’s not too late.

teacuppamela.pngI’m still mulling over and basking in the blessing of the time spent at the Christian Heritage conference this past weekend. I need to take time to review my notes to keep them fresh in my mind and to make application and incorporate the things I noted to apply in our own lives/home. As the speakers said at different times, the things they were teaching or the things we were hearing were not new and were not “original” with them. I agreed… and it’s generally that way: the things we hear at conferences or even in sermons are generally not “new things” but are old things-old truths — framed in a new way or worded in a new way—not distorting the truth or original meaning, but simply amplifying the truth.

I attempted to take copious notes and actually went through a pen full of ink to do so—not bragging, just attempting to convey the volume of note taking. I wanted to post this week some of the thoughts or quotes that were particularly noteworthy and so, here’s one:

quotebegin.gifDon’t renege on your
opportunity to disciple your children.”
Voddie Baucham

So I think on that… and I consider our home, our children, our life. I think of the hundreds of letters I have received at A Christian Home.

Many of us promised before God at the birth of our child(ren) that we would do everything possible to train them up in the fear and admonition of the LORD. We vowed to be faithful to train them, we intended to be the best parents possible, to not make the same mistakes our parents had made or that we, ourselves, had made. And then… well, then, for many of us, life happened and little encroachments happened, little foxes came in and spoiled the vine and we got busy and time passed and days became years that we failed to train up our children in the fear of the LORD and we forgot to remember what we thought we’d never forget to remember and never fail to do.

And you know what? The enemy would have you and me to believe that that’s just too bad. That it’s just too late… too much failure, too many mistakes, too much water has flowed under the bridge of good intentions. But wait. Is that what God would say? Is that the voice of the LORD who ever lives to make intercession for us? No. No, it’s not too late and no one is too far from the LORD and the LORD’s arm is not shortened that it cannot save — not at nine, not at nineteen, not at thirty nine, not at sixty nine and not at ninety nine. The arm of the LORD is not shortened that it cannot save. HE is the redeemer. He IS the redeemer. He is the REDEEMER.

It is not too late to do what the LORD has called and planned for us to do. It’s not.


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