blueheartmughalf.jpgThere is immeasurable value in seizing great opportunities and making significant sacrifices on behalf of our families. These sacrifices might include, time, money, missing other good things, discomfort, inconvenience, etc., etc. But, through the years we, as a couple and as a family, have seen the greatest blessings come from great sacrifice of any one or all of the sacrifices listed above.

I think we often underestimate the value of hearing great teaching and, perhaps, we overestimate the retention of things we’ve heard or think we remember from past teaching (especially when we’ve heard and agreed with great teaching but never bothered to apply it). For example, one might say: “I’ve already read that stuff.” Another might say,”I’m getting too old and that sort of teaching or that sort of conference really isn’t applicable to me at my stage or phase of life.” Still another might say, “Been there; done that.” O, may we never become so egocentric or so complacent that we’re satisfied with our experience enough to reject future opportunities with: “been there; done that” mentality. That mentality is selfish and dead-end. But our lives are so not dead-end. We mustn’t let the world creep in and destroy or distort that message and the world is creeping in—so much so, it’s creepy.

For example… what if I said and lived the “been there; done that” in mothering or motherhood? Would I be living according to the Word? Where’s the Titus2 message in the “been there; done that” mentality or way of living. It’s not. No Titus2 message there. But that’s the world’s message, it’s the world’s mentality, isn’t it? Once you’ve been there, once you’ve done that, your done. I’m seeing now, it’s only the beginning! It’s not over!I have to guard against that humanistic tendency—that self-centered view or the “been there; done that” mentality. I must guard against the “I already did all that stuff or heard all that stuff” sort of thinking—and believing.

O, more and more I see the tremendous value in sitting down and listening to men and women who open the Word of God and teach – teach the Word of God. We’re reticent to spend time in study or spend time in the Word but so readily open the Times newspaper or People mag or other tales and fables, but it is in The Bible we read from God’s perspective: man’s position, proper aim and end and God’s plan and design for all three.

So… we were at the Christian Heritage conference this past weekend… and my-o-my, what a blessing. What a blessing to spend time with believers seeking to train up children in the ways of the LORD by homeschooling instead of relinquishing children to the care and training of government schools. O, what a blessing to see all the young(!) families training up faithful sons and daughters. I smiled as I watched them soaking in all the teaching and I prayed that they would stay on the path and not dabble in the things that derail families and destroy convictions. And, what a sweet blessing to meet men and women I’ve only talked with on the phone or corresponded by email… and to see old friends. And I do mean old. ~smile~

I must say, the messages of truth and purpose of parenting/homeschooling as presented by Voddie Baucham were, undoubtedly, among the greatest I have ever heard. And I do not say this boastfully, but we have had privilege through the years to see, hear or read some incredibly gifted and powerful teachers and teaching—but the impact of his life, training, and understanding was tremendous. I’ll be sharing a few of the notes and quotes in the days ahead.Incidentally, I was also so very blessed to finally meet Stacy McDonald as I have talked to her by telephone and chatted by mail numerous times throughout the last 8 years, but, as yet, never had opportunity to meet face to face nor to hear her presentations -all of which were very encouraging. It’s easy to feel like a lone voice in the “christian world” today on matters of home, modesty, feminine dress, homeschooling, design of marriage and family… but contrary to what the enemy would like us to believe, we’re are, indeed, not alone and these truths neither fall on deaf ears nor are spoken by the lone few.

So: Homeschool!
Home’s cool. It’s where it’s at. It always has been.

robe8.jpgMore later…

I stayed up a bit too late last night corresponding with Kathryn, sending out her letters and reading through more notes.
I need to go… I am the mother.
I need to live it. And I am glad.

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