Amazing Rumours

You probably experience this from time to time… you either read about or are told about some amazing thing, event or piece of news (read: rumour or gossip).  At first, you either can’t believe it  or you instantly believe it and then feel like kicking yourself later over your gullibility or lack of honour and discernment.  When you hear some shocking bit of information and you instantly believe the report and then, inevitably, you’re filled with remorse over your lack of loyalty or lack of wisdom——-that, or you instantly deny that rumour and defend your friend or defend a position or make a strong attempt to bear, believe, hope, endure… all things.  Either way, you’re probably a bit ruffled.  I know I’ve sure experienced the gamut of those feelings lately.
Around our town there’re lots and lots of rumours floating around and being batted about.  And you know, I keep rehearsing in my mind the verses in 1 Peter (3.4-6):

quotebegin.gifBut let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.  For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands:  Even as Sara obeyed Abraham, calling him lord: whose daughters ye are, as long as ye do well, and are not afraid with any amazement.”

I keep thinking: what is hidden in my heart? (The Word, The Truth…)  Is it an ornament of grace?  Is it a meek and quiet spirit and am I trusting in God?  Or, does my reaction reflect otherwise?   In my response to this or that rumour, am I doing well and not reacting in fear or amazement?

It’s interesting how the LORD seems to send lessons in groups or in succession – seemingly to cement a proper response or teaching.  Recently, I’ve had opportunity to hear several sorts of “reports” in various places and I’ve been keenly aware that each is a sort of “testing of my faith” so to speak.  I’m amazed at the ploys of the enemy to destroy believers and to wedge division between them—but it’s his ploy and is seeming very effective.  But what should I do when I hear a bad report or read of an account in the local paper or hear some gossip rumour?  I’m determining to not be “afraid with any amazement (or fear) and I am determined to react in 1 Corinthians love… bearing, believing, hoping, enduring — all things.

And coupled with those, I am seeking the LORD and asking: Lord, is this of You or of the enemy—if it’s of You, what, then, should I do?  If it’s of the enemy, I ask: Lord, please show me the Truth and help me to act in accordance with Your will.  And above all, help me be still, help me yield to You and help me demonstrate loving kindness that, in the end, regardless the outcome or truth or lies, I will have been still in the Hand of the Father.
I pray to finish well.  Still in the Hand of the Potter.


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