Another hmmmmmm…

teacuppamela.pngYou know… you go along and think that perhaps it’s not all going south. Maybe you’ve overreacted or have been a bit too critical. You think maybe you ought to just sit back, take a deep breath and study the matter a bit longer before making a judgment call on the matter. In yet another “Hmmmmmm….” moment and another shaking of the head and aching in the heart moment I sort of cannot believe a video clip I just watched. No it wasn’t at all akin to the American Family Association’s mail and video clip sent out yesterday… (the vulgar “Gay Pride” parade clip and plea by the AFA to contact reps. regarding the new hate crimes legislation) though that was more than a hmmmmmmmmmm moment – this clip is really perhaps more sickening bcz, while the footage of the pride parade was truly unsettling, it was, after all, clearly a secular event.

What’s grievous about this link/clip is that it was a “church service” and the excuse made by the pastor several minutes into the clip is probably very telling of the state of the church in America. The subtle nuances, the blending of secular and sacred – or worse: a very low view of the holiness of God and honour due Him. So here’s the clip… and maybe coming soon to a church near you: church Springcreek style.


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