the truthy stuff of global warming

Our older’s just came in from a late night snowball fight… I was talking on the phone to Kathryn in Uganda (yes, she’s great, thanks for asking!) and she was saying that it really isn’t terribly hot in Jinja.  she was, however, stunned that we have snow here!  It’s morning for her there at the orphanage in Jinja and a beautiful day.  She had just completed the task of clipping the babies’ nails.  Many of those tasks are the sort one might not consider when thinking of the care and feeding of children in an orphanage.  But it is, among others, a very important task.
So, mugs of hot chocolate, clumps of snow on the floor, soggy clothes and boots tell me it’s cold outside. And then I think of the new pieces, the ones decrying global warming, and I think: right. Which globe is warming? I remember a teacher I had in high school warned of the impending ice age and was extremely concerned about the environmental impact of the cooling earth. Imagine what would have happened had we had the internet with its explosive and expansive news sources in those days. So, if global warming is truly a problem, I’d sure like a little of that problem in the Pacific Northwest. I don’t mind the weather all that much and I don’t hate snow, I just hate to be cold.

I know… what in the world were those boys doing outside at this time of night? Friends stopped by and… well… that’s what you do if you’ve got snow in the yard.

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