the dailies

teacuppamela.pngIt seems sometimes like the dailies get in the way of the dailies. That, or there are just too many dailies for one day. I think, then, that the best we can hope for sometimes is to have sort of a weekly, rather than a daily, perspective concerning most things. I mean, for example, it’s probably best to look at the children’s diet or food consumption that way. Consider that on any given day, they may or may not take in the proper amounts of food for particular food categories. They may be taking in more grains and breads one day, more fruits or veggies on another day, maybe a bit more protein one day and a bit more chocolate another day. When seen from the daily perspective, it might not look all that favourable… but from the weekly perspective, well… it’s all pretty okay.

So… I guess that’s sort of the way housekeeping needs to be considered sometimes. There’s just more of a day than the day can hold sometimes and so sometimes we have to see things from the perspective of a bunch of days. I was thinking about this a bit this morning as I was working around. And I realized that there’s this basic pattern of things that must be done—then there’s a bit of a pattern of things that ought to be done and things that could be done. Or not. Some days things just sort of bunch up and we miss the all-over-tidy at noon-time but I just have to not fret over it and recognize that it will get done during another all-over-tidy up that day. Sort of like the merry-go-round will eventually com around again and someone will be able to hop off the horse and tidy it up.

We try to make a game of it every day. All the chores of the house are sort of divided up according to age and ability (and availability) and so long as everyone is riding together, things go fairly well each day. The earlier the better it seems.  It’s when one or two don’t stay on task that others are sort of pulled down. So… invariably, one of us is pushing and pulling at the same time. It’s generally easy to get everyone back on track… especially when it’s sunny outside! The merry-go-round goes round and round a whole lot nicer when the sun’s out.

So, speaking of the merry-go-round… I’d better hop off this one and get busy.  There’ll too much of this day to fit into this day if I don’t.


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