sorting through the biggest problems

teacuppamela.pngYou know… when you try and quantify or attempt to qualify an issue, there inevitably comes a point when you have to retract a statement or further qualify it.  I muse the problems that face America.  I do this from time to time when I read an article about some new law or program or, worse, more government interference with either marriage and family-life, faith or “property rights.”  No, wait… that’s not all that should be on the list.  I start thinking along the lines of feminism and its incredible influence (read: damage) to homes and families -and more: to women all over the country -no, make that the world.  Consider that for awhile.  Consider that men are relegated to some lesser role (and many have no idea how that all happened and they don’t know who they are or what they’re supposed to do) and women are fighting for a greater role—totally missing that they already had the greatest role.  They didn’t need a greater role.  They needed and still need to acknowledge the most precious privilege ever given.  The role of a woman… created by God and all that that might mean.  What a privilege to be created by God for His great purpose.  And for men to be created by God for His great purpose.  But I digress.
So… I go on thinking.  You know the most egregious thing about some “rights” people fight for?  It usually means the right of something or someone else is infringed upon.  And the longer I live, the more I see that the thing that’s being fought for or against actually has little or nothing to do with that “issue” or that “right.”

Take the heinous atrocity of abortion — call it what it really is: the right to control society by condoning and performing and promoting murder. For profit.  See… it’s not really about choice.  One of the two (or more) *people* involved in that so-called choice cannot speak – the scream no one hears remains ignored.  So, it’s not really about choice.  It’s about a lot of stuff, but it’s not about choice.
May God help us.

Worldnet Daily article of interest.


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