Sooner than later


I so appreciate our friend’s approach with us regarding nutrition and healthful foods. She’s patiently helping us (well, me–really) see some areas I need to alter regarding the foods we eat (and don’t eat) and how to make some adjustments. I like this manner of addressing food issues bcz I am dealing with more than simply what and when to eat.

It’s sort of a bizarre thing… it probably *seems* like people who eat whatever there is to eat, a SADiet or whatever, do not care about nutrition or anything else very much. But it’s really not that at all… it’s simply life long programming. And, for that matter, taste acquired over decades. And then simply a lack of motivation to do anything different.

Most people I know don’t make any dietary changes at all until a big bang goes off in their head. The big bang usually follows a conversation at a Doc’s office. The conversation usually contains the “c-word” Cancer or fatal________ or cardio_______ or something else (probably containing the word *high*). That, or suddenly, they land in the hospital in a diabetic coma or someone else does and they realize *they* need to do some reevaluating of the menus and shopping and dining out or whatever.

Now… I’m in the former rather than the latter — I just go along most of the time doing whatever we do, eating whatever we eat and haven’t had a knock-down-drag-out wake up call. Yet. But… I am not stupid. This path I’ve been on has that “wake-up call” somewhere along the way. Or I bypass the wake-up call and say: Good Morning, LORD. (In heaven)

So, I’ve been having a tremendous week of thinking, rethinking, evaluating, reevaluating and working to make some alterations to the food schema around here. And it takes a lot of evaluation — and I mean honest evaluation — to accurately assess the overall food schema of one’s life or in one’s home. Too many of us think we’re not so bad — I mean, we did have a balanced dinner, after all, and we do eat fairly healthful foods… we only had sweets a few times this week today. And then we take stock of what’s in the fridge… and then the freezer. Wow, uh-oh. Then the cabinets: mixes, grocery canned foods, cream-of-whatever soups, hot-chocolate mix, peanut butter, oils, fats, sweet-cereal, and ah, well looky here: chocolate chips, walnuts, crushed Heath bars, white flour, butter, Crisco, white sugar, brown sugar… hey, wait… that’s all important stuff for my deeeelicious cookies. And then you say: okay, okay: What do I have to give up in order to eat whatever I want? Or, okay, I’ll give up all that stuff for 6 weeks… or 6 days or whatever. I’ll do whatever I have to do in order to be able to eat what I want to eat. Sorry. It won’t work that way.

We don’t really have a strong desire to give up anything or to have our delightful diets encroached upon. And we don’t want anyone to tell us we can’t have something. Well, at least not until that doc mentions one of the C words: Cancer or Cardio_______ or something else. Unless… unless we simply stop and take a good look at our life and ask: LORD, is there anything in my life You want me to change? Am I placing a higher priority on food than I am placing to have a genuinely, fully submitted walk with You?

Unless we do this, we’ll probably wake up (sooner than later) saying, Good morning, LORD. How would You have used me had my whole life been totally yielded to You?

More later.


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